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Monster Familiars

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Monster Familiars

Monster familiars are versions of MapleStory enemies that you can summon to help you battle thoughout Maple World. One of the first things to understand about monster familiars is that they are not pets. In fact, there are significant differences between familiars and pets that go beyond the fact that only familiars can be used in combat, such as:

  • Familiars cannot use pet equipment.
  • Familiars are summoned using cards, which can either be purchased from the Cash Shop or collected from monsters in Maple World. Pets are available through the Cash Shop only, except for the lovely Snail pet entrusted to you by Mar the Fairy.
  • Familiars cannot be summoned in the Free Market or Battle Square.
  • A familiar will be the same level as you when summoned. Familiar skills cannot be upgraded.
  • Familiars are rated based on how difficult they are to acquire. They come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary types.

How to Get Cards

Cards can also be obtained by hunting monsters. Occasionally you will see a card drop from the monster you’ve killed. Pick up the card and it will move to the “Use” section of your inventory. You can hover your cursor over the card to see information about the familiar.

The Cash Shop offers packs of cards for sale. Starter Packs and Booster Packs are available regularly, and occasionally Legendary Booster Packs are sold. Click here to read more about how they work and what kinds of cards you can get from them.

Anatomy of a Card

  1. Level: Your character must be this level or higher to summon the familiar.
  2. Name: This is the generic name for the creature. When you add it to your Crusader Codex, you will have the opportunity to give it an individual name.
  3. Friendship Time: When you acquire a familiar, you may only summon it for 30 days (real time). Registering a second card from the same monster increases its duration to 60 days and increases its max vitality, and registering three cards from the same monster increases its duration to a max of 90 days and increases its max vitality to its limit.
  4. Attacks and Effects: This area details what type of special attacks the creature can make along with an effect that happens while the creature is summoned.
  5. Attack Power and Range: The amount of damage the familiar can cause while attacking and how far away from you it will roam.
  6. Vitality: How long the creature will be able to fight until exhausted.

Card Rarity

Cards come in different rarities. Do you see that orange star on the Red Drake card above, along with the orange number in the top left and the orange background behind the Red Drake image? All of those indicate that this is a rare card. You can tell the rarity of cards by the colors displayed in the corner of their image icons, and by certain color schemes and icons on the card details.

  • Common: Gray/silver. Crescent moon displayed in the card details image.
  • Uncommon: Yellow. Blazing sun displayed in the card details image.
  • Rare: Orange. Five-pointed star displayed in the card details image.
  • Legendary: Purple. Eigh-pointed star displayed in the card details image.

The border around the familiar image box will also become more detailed depending on the rarity of the card.

Activating Cards

As long as the card is in your inventory, you will be able to trade it with another player. To activate a card, double-click it to move it into the Familiar tab in the Crusader Codex. Once registered in the Crusader Codex, the Friendship Timer will start ticking down.

Summoning Familiars

Once you’re ready to use your familiar, open your Crusader Codex, select the Familiar section, and double-click the monster you’d like to summon. The monster will appear next you, ready to battle on your behalf. Only one familiar may be summoned at a time and it will stay with you as you do most activities in MapleStory.

Use the C, U, R, and L tabs to find a registered familiar based on its rarity.

A few important things to note about summoned familiars:

  • Familiars can only be summoned if they have full Vitality.
  • Familiars cannot be summoned in the Free Market or Battle Square. If you enter either area while a familiar is out, it will be dismissed.
  • Familiars will be dismissed when you ride a mount.

Familiars in Battle


One of the most important statistics your new friend has is its Vitality. Unlike you, familiars will never be attacked by monsters, and therefore do not have Hit Points or an “HP” measurement. Instead, every familiar begins with 300 points of Vitality. Vitality points are expended each time a familiar attacks or uses a skill. The more powerful the skill, the more Vitality expended. Once a familiar runs out of Vitality, it will disappear until it recovers its full Vitality and can be summoned again.

You can increase the amount of Vitality a familiar has available by registering a duplicate card in the Crusader Codex. The second identical card will increase Vitality to 600, the third 1,200 - the maximum Vitality available to any familiar.

Vitality Display

Vitality is displayed as a pearl full of color that floats above a familiar's head. As the familiar uses it, the color will slowly drain out of the pearl. The first two pearls each represent 300 Vitality. The third represents 600 for a total of 1,200 Vitality.

Vitality Recovery

Familiars recover their Vitality while dismissed. A familiar will recover one Vitality point every two seconds for each card they have registered in the Crusader Codex. A familiar with two cards registered for example, will recover two Vitality points every two seconds. The maximum rate of recovery is three Vitality Points every two seconds.


Familiars are not under your direct control in battle. They will attack monsters and use their abilities automatically. They will begin fighting as soon as you attack something or are attacked yourself. If you stop fighting for one minute, the familiar will also stop all attacks and abilities.

The accuracy of a familiar’s attack is based on the level difference between you and the monster you’re attacking. A familiar will automatically hit any creature that’s lower than your level or up to five levels above it. After that, their accuracy begins to decline.

Level Difference and Miss Rate

Level difference 0-5 levels 6-10 levels 11-15 levels 16-20 levels 21-25 levels 26+ levels
Miss rate 0% 10% 20% 40% 80% 100%

Each familiar boasts rated abilities that will help you in battle. Common familiars will possess Common abilities. Uncommon familiars will possess Uncommon abilities. Rare and Legendary familiars will each possess a unique skill.


Rush Attack with a 60% chance of knocking back 2 enemies.
Lure Attack with a 60% chance of pulling 2 enemies.
Bark Attack with a 60% chance of stunning 2 enemies for 2 seconds.
Observe Attack with a 60% chance of slightly slowing 2 enemies for 3 seconds.
Poison Attack with a 60% chance of poisoning 2 enemies for 3 seconds.


Charge Attack with an 80% chance of knocking back 3 enemies.
Provoke Attack with an 80% chance of pulling 3 enemies.
Roar Attack with an 80% chance of stunning 3 enemies for 4 seconds.
Scrutinize Attack with an 80% chance of slightly slowing down 3 enemies for 6 seconds.
Deadly Poison Attack with an 80% chance of poisoning 3 enemies for 6 seconds.

Unique skills

Unique skills cover a wide variety of effects. Some increase your stats, some have a graphical effect, some help you recovery HP or MP faster, and some are special attacks.

That's all, folks!

In addition to helping you battle enemies, collecting and trading Familiar cards is fun all on its own. Open your Crusader Codex and get started today!

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