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Upgrading Equipment: Scrolls

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Getting equipment with awesome stats is always a thrill, but base stats are just the beginning! You can turn awesome equipment into something truly heroic by using scrolls, enhancements, potentials, and even ancient alien technology! Read on to learn how you can take your equipment to the next level.

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Scrolls are USE items that you can apply to your equipment’s upgrade slots to add additional stats or increase the stats your equipment already has. Scrolls are sold in shops, dropped by monsters, and given as prizes in events. Many scrolls are also tradeable, which means if you can't find the perfect scroll on your own, you can buy one from another Mapler. There are hundreds of scrolls available in MapleStory, and each one applies a unique effect to a specific piece of equipment.

A scroll's purpose is indicated by its name. For example, Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon ATT 50% has a 50% chance to add Weapon ATT to a two-handed weapon. The scroll's description will provide more details like how many points it will add to a stat. Some scrolls just add the stat in the name, but others may add other stats as well. Always be sure to read the description of a scroll to make sure you are getting what you want.

Protip: The act of using a scroll is called scrolling by Maplers, and if an item is able to have a scroll used on it, it is said to be scrollable.

Every piece of equipment has a number of upgrade slots that can hold scrolls. You can expand the number of upgrade slots by a max of two with a Cash Shop item called Vicious' Hammer, allowing you to add more scrolls and make your weapon even more powerful! Here's an example:

This item has 8 available upgrade slots, and 0 hammers have been used on it. If you used two Vicious' Hammers, it would add two more upgrade slots for a total of 10. Check out a more in-depth guide for Vicious' Hammer here.

Each time you use a scroll, an upgrade slot on your equipment is used up whether the scroll succeeds or fails. A successful scroll will add stats to the slot, while a failed scroll will simply clog it up. Luckily, there's an item called a Clean Slate Scroll, which has a chance to free up an upgrade slot that was used by a failed scroll.

To scroll an item, it must first be equipped. Have both your Equipment menu (E) and your Inventory (I) menu open. Click the scroll in your USE inventory and drag it on top of the equipped item you wish to upgrade. Release the mouse button to drop it on the item, and a chat message will appear telling you if the scroll has succeeded or not.

It's that simple!

If your scroll succeeds, it will fill an upgrade slot on your item and add the stats described in its description. If it fails, it will clog the upgrade slot without adding any stats. The scroll itself will also be removed from your inventory in both cases, as it is a one-time use item.

Some scrolls also have a chance to destroy your item if they fail. If a scroll has a chance to destroy your item upon failure, it will say so in the item description. It's always a good idea to use a Shielding Ward when scrolling with these scrolls. Shielding Wards will protect your item from destruction in the case of a failed scroll.

Some scrolls are very powerful, and therefore very rare! It wouldn't make sense to use a rare scroll on an item you are just going to replace in a few levels anyway. Make sure you plan ahead when using a scroll.

Normal scrolls come in 100%, 60% and 10% chances. The lower the success rate, the better the stats tend to be. For example, a Scroll for Cape HP 10% adds +20 HP, whereas a Scroll for Cape HP 100% won't fail, but it will add only +5 HP.

Dark scrolls come in 70% or 30% chances. Dark scrolls have a 50% chance to destroy your item if they fail.

Chaos scrolls have 60% chance of success. If they succeed, they randomly change all of the stats on your item from -5 to +5.

Other scrolls can be found during special in-game events, in the Marvel Machine or sometimes in the Gachapierrot or other Cash Shop promotions. They come with different success rates, with the most common being 50%. Always make sure to read a scroll's description to find out what it does and whether there's a chance it could destroy your item.

Tablets work just like scrolls, but can only be used on items that have a DURABILITY stat. Likewise, scrolls cannot be used on equipment with the Durability stat. Items with the Durability stat tend to be very powerful, and as a result, the more times you successfully use a tablet on an item, the lower your success chances will be the next time you attempt to use a tablet.

Vicious's Hammer adds an upgrade slot to your weapon so you can use even more scrolls! Check out a more in-depth guide for Vicious' Hammer here.

Since scrolls and equipment can cost you quite a few mesos, it's important to protect your equipment and scrolls whenever possible. Here are some items which can help you out when you scroll:

Lucky Day Scrolls will increase the success of your next scroll use by 10%. However, these scrolls tend to be very hard to come by as they are a rare drop from high level bosses.

Vega's Spell (10%) and Vega's Spell (60%) allow you to improve the chances of a 10% scroll to 30% and a 60% scroll to 90% respectively. Vega's Spells are only sold in the Cash Shop during special promotions. See a more in-depth guide for Vega's Spells here.

Shielding Ward protects your equipment from being destroyed if your scroll fails. A Shielding Ward must be used on your item before you attempt to use a scroll on it. Shielding Wards are always sold in the Cash Shop. Check out a more in-depth guide for Shielding Ward here.

Guardian Scroll protects your scroll from being used up if it fails. However, the Guardian Scroll must be used on your equipment before you attempt to use a scroll on it. Guardian Scrolls are always sold in the Cash Shop. See a more in-depth guide for Guardian Scrolls here.

Pam's Song, Shield Scroll and White Scroll will protect your upgrade slots from being used if a scroll fails. However, each works differently:

A White Scroll can be found in the Gachapierrot, and must be used on the equipment before you attempt to upgrade it. The White Scroll will always be used up regardless of success or failure of the upgrading scroll. If you use a Dark scroll, the White Scroll will not protect your item from being destroyed if the Dark scroll fails.
A Shield Scroll works just like a White Scroll, except that it is sold in the Cash Shop. See a more in-depth guide for Shield Scroll here.
Pam's Song is only sold in the Cash Shop during special promotions, and it works a bit differently. You do not need to apply Pam's Song to an item before use. Instead, you simply have to have it in your inventory, and if your scroll fails, you will get a pop-up window asking if you want to use your Pam's Song or not. This means you don't have to use up the Pam's Song if you want to save it. See a more in-depth guide for Pam's Song here.

Clean Slate Scroll will recover one upgrade slot which was used by a previous failed scroll. It comes in 1%, 3%, 5% and 20% chances, and has a chance to destroy your item if it fails. You can get Clean Slate Scrolls from the Gachapierrot, or sometimes from rare drops.

Innocence Scrolls and Perfect Innocence Scrolls will reset your equipment to its base condition. This means any upgrades or hammers that have been applied to your item will be wiped clean! However, they do not work on Potentials, and cannot be used on Nebulite-infused items.

Innocence Scrolls come in 20%, 60% and 70% chances, of which the latter two have a chance to destroy your item upon failure. They are rare drops from some bosses.
Perfect Innocence Scrolls have a 100% chance, and won't destroy your item, but are only sold in the Cash Shop. See a more in-depth guide for Perfect Innocence Scrolls here.

As some of these items are only sold in the Cash Shop during certain times, be sure to check out the Cash Shop Specials post to see what’s currently available.

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