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Upgrading Equipment: Enhancements

Views 60453   Date 9/28/2012

Getting equipment with awesome stats is always a thrill, but base stats are just the beginning! You can turn awesome equipment into something truly heroic by using scrolls, enhancements, potentials, and even ancient alien technology! Read on to learn how you can take your equipment to the next level.

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Enhancements are advanced equipment upgrades that increase existing stats. They add stats randomly and have even higher possible stat bonuses than Chaos Scrolls. As you add Enhancements to a piece of equipment, stars will accumulate above its name. The more successes (or stars) above the name, the greater the Enhancement on the item.

Enhancing comes after scrolling, which is a separate upgrade system described here. Equip Enhancement Scrolls can only add Enhancements to items with upgrade slots, and only after all the upgrade slots have been filled with other scrolls. Items do not have to be hammered to reveal additional upgrade slots, and Enhanced items can still be hammered. However, you must then scroll those additional slots before you can Enhance again, so it’s in your best interest to fully hammer and scroll your item before using Enhancement scrolls. Items that never had upgrade slots at all cannot have Enhancements applied to them.

Like other scrolls, you drag an Equip Enhancement Scroll from your inventory and drop it on the equipped item you wish to apply it to. Each use, success or failure, will use 1 scroll unless you are using a Guardian Scroll, which protects your scroll from being used up if it fails. If the scroll does fail, your item is destroyed unless you are using a Shielding Ward, which saves your item in the event of a failed Enhancement. Keep in mind that Shielding Wards will only work up until you have 11 stars. For the 12 or more Enhancements, you’re Enhancing at your own risk!

Once you've succeeded with an Enhancement, the chances for the next success go down. The more stars an item has, the greater chance the scroll will fail, thus destroying your item. The Equip Enhancement Scroll starts at an 80% success rate, and decreases with each success until it reaches its lowest possible success rate of 10% at 8+ stars. Once an item has 8 stars, the chance of success will never go below 10%. The Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll provides a higher chance of success, starting at 100%, and also bottoms out at 10% when the item has 10 stars.

There are also 2-, 3-, 4- and 5 Star Enhancement Scrolls, which enhance your item to the corresponding star level in one shot. For example, if you used a 5 Star Enhancement Scroll on an item with 1 star, the item would have 5 stars. If you used the same scroll on an item with 4 stars, it would still bring the item to 5 stars. Since you are only enhancing once instead of multiple times, there is a smaller chance that your item will be destroyed.

Enhancements are a risky endeavor unless you’re properly protected with Guardian Scrolls and Shielding Wards, but the huge stat boosts are well worth the risk!

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