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Upgrading Equipment: Nebulites

Views 47637   Date 9/28/2012

Getting equipment with awesome stats is always a thrill, but base stats are just the beginning! You can turn awesome equipment into something truly heroic by using scrolls, enhancements, potentials, and even ancient alien technology! Read on to learn how you can take your equipment to the next level.

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Sockets allow you to upgrade your equipment by attaching special alien runes called Nebulites that add a variety of stats and enhancements. Unlike the other upgrade systems, Nebulites allow you to pick and choose which stats you want to apply to your items. However, once you've installed Nebulite, you can no longer use a Clean Slate Scroll to reset your equipment to its base condition, so it’s important that you only install Nebulite after you’re happy with your scrolling upgrades.

A socket is a small, magnetized bezel that provides a secure setting for Nebulite. In order to install Nebulites, you must first add sockets to your equipment. Each Socket can contain one Nebulite. The Alien Socket Creator is used to add a socket to an item, and it can be purchased from any NPC General Store for 5,000 mesos.

To add a socket, open your USE inventory and double-click the Alien Socket Creator. This will open the Alien Socket Wrench window. Simply drag and drop your equipment from your inventory into the window, and click OK.

Ta da! Your item now has a socket. A message will appear at the bottom of your item description to let you know that Nebulite can be added, and you will also see an image of the socket in the item icon.

After you’ve added a socket to your item, you can add a Nebulite. Each piece of Nebulite harnesses different elements of the universe to grant boosts like extra Strength (STR), random magic spells, or increased damage against bosses.

Currently there are three ways to get Nebulite. You have a chance to get A, B, or C grade Nebulite in the Great Gachapierrot, which is located in most towns. All you need is a Gachapon Ticket from the Cash Shop and you’re set to play the Great Gachapierrot!

You can also complete Icebyrd Slimm's quest in New Leaf City to save the city from aliens and get a Nebulite from an important alien monster. This repeatable quest will also allow you to collect Beyond the Stars Coins, which can be used at Pico's shop to buy D-grade Nebulite.

If you're lucky, you might find random Nebulite Boxes dropped by monsters around Maple World. Each contains a random piece of Nebulite!

Like most jewels, Nebulite is graded on its clarity and the quality of its manufacture, from the common D-grade stones, to the ultra-rare A-grade gems. A-grade Nebulite is highly sought after for its extreme boosts in power.

Nebulite Grades

Nebulite can be reconfigured before installation by fusing it with other Nebulite. Once Nebulite has been installed in an item, however, it cannot be altered or reclaimed.

All characters have a Beginner skill called Nebulite Fusion, which allows you to fuse any two pieces of Nebulite. Nebulite must be fused before it is installed on an item. Fusion can reset a Nebulite to change its effect, and there’s a chance it might change the Nebulite’s grade as well, for better or worse. To decrease chances of a downgrade, it’s best to use two high-grade Nebulites when fusing.

To fuse two Nebulites, double-click on the Nebulite Fusion skill from the Beginner skill tree (hit K to open your skill menu). Drag one of the Nebulites you want to fuse into the left box then drag the second Nebulite into the right box.

You will be asked for confirmation before you fuse your Nebulite. The price for fusion is determined by the highest grade Nebulite you are attempting to fuse. See the price table below:

  • D-grade Nebulite: 3,000 mesos
  • C-grade Nebulite: 5,000 mesos
  • B-grade Nebulite: 1 Premium Fusion Ticket
  • A-grade Nebulite: 2 Premium Fusion Tickets

You can get Premium Fusion Tickets at random from the Great Gachapierrot, just like Nebulite. These tickets can be used to fuse grade B or better Nebulite.

Each kind of Nebulite boost can only be used on certain equipment types, and the only way to determine this is to open up the Nebulite interface.

In the SET-UP tab of your Inventory, double-click the Nebulite to open up this window. If the equipment you are attempting to upgrade matches the type and has an empty socket, simply drag it into this window and click OK!

Most Nebulite powers stack with your equipment's other stats, including Potentials. However, passive effects such as skill activation and facial expression changes do not stack and can only be added once.

If you want to free up a Socket so you can attach a different Nebulite, the Nebulite Diffuser will help you remove your old Nebulite! You can get your hands on a Nebulite Diffuser from the Cash Shop.

Simply double-click the Nebulite Diffuser in your CASH inventory to open up its interface. Drag the equipment you wish to remove the Nebulite from into this window and click OK. The Nebulite will be destroyed, but you now have an empty Socket to install new Nebulite.

Alien Socket Creator: Use to add an empty socket to an equipment item. Can be purchased from an NPC General Store for 5,000 mesos.
Nebulite Box: Dropped rarely from monsters near a character's level. Double-click to receive a random Nebulite. Expires in 20 days.
Premium Fusion Ticket: Necessary to fuse Nebulite grades A or B. Used automatically when fusing. Untradeable; can only be found in the Great Gachapierrot.
Nebulite Diffuser: Permanently removes a Nebulite from an item socket. Does not retrieve the Nebulite from the socket; simply destroys it. Can only be found in the Cash Shop.

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