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Inner Abilities

Views 165361   Date 10/16/2012

Inner Abilities allow you to add up to 3 bonus stats to your character. Just like Potentials, they can be reset and upgraded until you find the perfect combination. In order to unlock Inner Abilities and the Circulators used to upgrade them, you’ll need to gain a special type of EXP called Honor Experience, which can only be earned in Azwan. Sometimes, it’s the inner strength that matters...

There’s only one place to get Honor Experience, and that’s Azwan! Complete Azwan game modes between 2 PM and 8 PM Pacific/5 PM and 11 PM Eastern to gain Honor Experience and increase your Honor. You can always check your Honor Level and experience in the character stat window (default key S).

Your Honor Level is what determines how many Inner Abilities you have and what Circulators you can use to reset and upgrade them.

You’ll get an Inner Ability slot at Honor Lv. 2, 30, and 70, and a higher Honor Level will also allow you to buy better Circulators. As you increase your Honor Level, you’ll also get a small number of Circulators to reset and upgrade your abilities.

Inner Abilities are ranked C, B, A, and S, with S being the highest. Abilities with higher ranks will give you bigger stat boosts, and S rank abilities can give whopping boosts of 10% or more!

There are Inner Abilities for almost all stats (STR, LUK, DEX, etc.), but some abilities add unexpected stats, like adding to the number of enemies hit by a multi-target skill, or boosting damage to targets afflicted with a status ailment.

Inner Abilities are assigned randomly. If you’re not happy with the ability you get, you can reset it using items called Circulators. Aside from resetting abilities, Circulators also have a chance to raise the ranks of your abilities.

Azwan merchants sell Circulators of varying grades, and your Honor Level dictates which grades you’re able to buy. The least powerful Circulators are grade 10, and they improve all the way to grade 1. Circulators with a lower grade are more likely to upgrade your Inner Abilities to higher ranks.

Be careful when using Circulators! If you have more than 1 Inner Ability and you use a Circulator, it will reset all abilities. If you have a rank that you’d like to keep while resetting others, you can use an Inner Potential Lock to secure that ability's rank and ensure that it won’t be changed with the rest (however, the ability itself WILL be reset). Inner Potential Locks can only be bought in the Cash Shop during special promotions.

To use a Circulator, simply double-click it and choose "OK." All abilities that aren’t protected by an Inner Ability Lock will be randomly reset.

If you concentrate on raising your honor and resetting your Inner Abilities to find the perfect combination, you can significantly improve your character’s stats and effectiveness in battle!

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