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  • Go To MapleStory Website

    Launch the Game

    Return to the MapleStory website and click "PLAY" to launch the game.

  • Select World

    Select World

    Click on the world you would like to play in and click on one of the channels. Meters under each channel indicate the current population status of that channel. The fuller the meter, the bigger the crowd.

  • Create a Character

    Create a Character

    Click on "Create a Character" to make an avatar you'd like to use in the world you have selected. The character you create here won't be available to play in another world.

  • Choose a Character Type

    Choose a Character Type

    Choose one of the classes offered on the screen.

  • Name Your Character

    Name Your Character

    Give your character a unique name. Please note that some text characters cannot be used.

  • Choose Features

    Choose Features

    You can customize your character by clicking the arrows next to each feature. Click “OK” when you are satisfied with your character.

  • Create Your Pic

    Create Your Pic

    Create your Personal Identification Code that’s easy to remember for you but difficult for others to guess. To learn more about PIC, click HERE.