Random Box Rates: Valentine Surprise Style Box

Valentine Surprise Style Box Rates


Valentine Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (1): 3,400 NX
  • Price (11): 34,000 NX

The Valentine Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative equip item! There are 100 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.  

Item Name Type Rate
Lovely Plaid Cap Hat 1%
Lovely Plaid Overall 1%
Lovely Plaid Overall 1%
Lovely Plaid Shoes Shoes 1%
Round Glasses EyeAccessory 1%
Heart Diary Weapon 1%
Sweet Beary Chocolate Weapon 1%
Sweet Chocolate Cake Hat Hat 1%
Sweet Chocolate Dessert Suit Overall 1%
Sweet Chocolate Dessert Shoes Shoes 1%
Chocolate Overload Face Accessory FaceAccessory 1%
Warm-hearted Earrings Earring 1%
Red Ribbon Hairband Hat 1%
Refreshing Female Cardigan Outfit Overall 1%
Soft Chocolate Fondue Scepter Weapon 1%
Choco Candy Cookie FaceAccessory 1%
Chocolate Ribbon Glove 1%
White Choco Bunny Hat 1%
Cold-hearted Earrings Earring 1%
Blue Ribbon Hairband Hat 1%
Splash Choco Girl Overall 1%
Splash Choco Boy Overall 1%
Pink Bow Hat 1%
Blue Heart Transparent Hat Hat 1%
Rose FaceAccessory 1%
Dollish Pink FaceAccessory 1%
Chocolate Heart FaceAccessory 1%
Blush FaceAccessory 1%
Diamond Earrings Earring 1%
Pink Tie Casual Suit Top 1%
Red Casual Suit Top 1%
Bowtie Jacket Top 1%
Pink-Dotted Top Top 1%
Black Suit Pants Bottom 1%
Love Gloves Glove 1%
Heart Ribbon Glove Glove 1%
Romantic Rose Cape 1%
Heart Balloon Cape 1%
Red Rose Chat Ring Ring 1%
Red Rose Label Ring Ring 1%
Pink Candy Quote Ring Ring 1%
Pink Candy Label Ring Ring 1%
Baby Blue Ring 1%
Amorian Aura Ring Ring 1%
Bright Hot Pink Heart Ring 1%
Baby Pink Heart Ring 1%
Giant Pop with a Swirl Weapon 1%
Chocolate Dipped Stick Weapon 1%
Mint Chocolatier Stick Weapon 1%
Chocolatier Stick Weapon 1%
Pink Flowery Shoes Shoes 1%
Black Dress Shoes Shoes 1%
Angelic Ribbon Hat 1%
Pink Mini Hat Hat 1%
Blue Mini Hat Hat 1%
Pinky Bow Hat 1%
Lace Ribbon (Pink) Hat 1%
Pink Polka Dot Bow Hat 1%
Blue Polka Dot Bow Hat 1%
Kiss Mark FaceAccessory 1%
Heart Face Painting FaceAccessory 1%
Pink Aviator Sunglasses EyeAccessory 1%
Red T-Shirt w/ Heart Top 1%
White Casual Suit Top 1%
Pink Wool Jacket Top 1%
Lovely Pink Heart T-Shirt Top 1%
Pink Heart T-Shirt & Muffler Top 1%
Pink Bowtie & White Vest Top 1%
Opening Star Overall 1%
Pink Shock Pop Star Overall 1%
Superstar Dress Overall 1%
Pretty Girl Overall 1%
Strawberry Milk Dress Overall 1%
Maid Dress (Pink) Overall 1%
Maid Dress (Blue) Overall 1%
Balloon Bouquet Cape 1%
Pink Floating Ribbon Cape 1%
Harmony Wings Cape 1%
Angelic Feathers Cape 1%
Aurora Pharady Cape 1%
Aurora Angel Cape 1%
Lovely Chocolate Balloons Cape 1%
Chocolate Quote Ring Ring 1%
Solo Ring Ring 1%
Pink Seraphim Weapon 1%
Starlight Heart Scepter Weapon 1%
Red Check Rider Top 1%
Bloody Guardian Hood Hat 1%
Bloody Veil Hat 1%
Bloody Guardian Overall 1%
Bloody Bride Overall 1%
Bloody Sneakers Shoes 1%
Bloody Heels Shoes 1%
Bloody Rose Cape 1%
Bloody Fairytale Weapon 1%
Pink-Dotted Hairband Hat 1%
Love Knuckler Shield 1%
Pink Golashes Shoes 1%
Giant Floppy Heart Hat Hat 1%
Hearty Flush FaceAccessory 1%