Random Box Rates: Christmas Royal Hair & Face Coupons

Christmas Royal Style Coupon Rates


Christmas Royal Face Coupon:

  • Price (1): 3,300 NX

Christmas Royal Hair Coupon:

  • Price (1): 3,300 NX

Each Christmas Royal Style Coupon gives you a random hair style or face style, based on your character's gender! There are 9 different hair styles available for each gender. There are 9 different face styles available for each gender. Here is the full list of items currently available from each coupon, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Male Hair Styles     Female Hair Styles     Male Face Styles     Female Face Styles  
Item Name Rate   Item Name Rate   Item Name Rate   Item Name Rate
Argent Hair 20.00%   Royal Twin Tails Hair 20.00%   Calm Odd Eye 20.00%   Calm Odd Eye 20.00%
Straight-edge Bangs Hair 5.00%   Prim Feathered Bob Hair 5.00%   Dewy-Eyed Face 15.00%   Aria Face 15.00%
Alpha Hair 20.00%   Fairy Queen Titania Hair 20.00%   Sesame Face 15.00%   Sesame Face 15.00%
Spiky Bangs Hair 20.00%   Princess Roll Hair 20.00%   Onmyouji 10.00%   Olivia Face 10.00%
Wild Wolf Hair 10.00%   Tangy Top Hair 10.00%   Starry Night Face 10.00%   Starry Night Face 10.00%
Flowing Hair 5.00%   Muse Hair 5.00%   Misty-Eyed Face 5.00%   Misty-Eyed Face 5.00%
Parted Cut Hair 5.00%   Roly Poly Hair 5.00%   Sweet Face 10.00%   Puppy-Eyed Face 10.00%
Kai Hair 5.00%   Luxurious Locks 5.00%   Beautiful Face 10.00%   Round Eyed Face 10.00%
Frosty Hair 10.00%   Vivacious Wavy Hair 10.00%   Jay Face 5.00%   Yuna Face 5.00%
   100%      100%      100%      100%