Black Heaven: First Chapter
  • Epic New Content
    Epic New Content
    Black Heaven showcases dynamic content with updated graphics and film production techniques for the first time in MapleStory. Featuring game elements including solving intricate puzzles, deciphering a crucial password and plotting a daring escape fraught with daunting obstacles, the Black Heaven content is split into different Acts. Each subsequent Act will be unlocked as you progress through the story, beginning with the first two, available March 11.
  • A Mysterious Danger
    A Mysterious Danger
    Black Heaven features the Maple Alliance and the Black Wings facing off, and delves into the unknown origins of Orchid and Lotus. The story begins with the Black Wings planning something dangerous, but the Cygnus Knights' informant has been captured before she can find out what it is! Rescue her to find out what's approaching.
  • Black Heaven Revealed
    Black Heaven Revealed
    The Black Wings' secret weapon is a massive airship called Black Heaven, and its sole purpose is to destroy Maple World! The fight to protect Maple World from Black Heaven begins now. Fight in the sky as the Maple Alliance uses their own ship, Lumiere, to fight Black Heaven, and do your part as a member of the courageous Maple Alliance!
Black Heaven: Second Chapter
  • Act 3 Released
    Act 3 Released
    On March 25, Act 3 of the Black Heaven content will be released! Act 3 features a variety of gameplay elements, including rescuing wounded soldiers, defeating fierce monsters, and a new type of combat: Side-scrolling aerial battles! Can you take down the Black Wings' ships in time to save the day?
  • Clash in the Skies
    Clash in the Skies
    Armed with the blueprints of the gigantic ship, Black Heaven, the Maple Alliance plans to launch an attack with their own airship, Lumiere! However, the Black Wings strike first, damaging the Lumiere. Fend off enemy androids and missiles to rescue wounded soldiers. Then take to the skies to shoot down enemy ships before going head-to-head with Black Heaven. The Maple Alliance's counterattack begins!
Black Heaven: Third Chapter
  • Act 4 Released
    Act 4 Released
    On April 8, Act 4 of the Black Heaven content will be released! Act 4 features undertakings including fighting monsters, avoiding surveillance and escaping danger on a tilting map as you continue on your quest to take down Black Heaven!
  • Counterattack!
    The Maple Alliance's mission failed when the Resistance leaders' ships were shot down. Taking responsibility for the failure, and for letting the imprisoned Francis escape, you have left the Maple Alliance. However, Francis has given you some important information. Follow a lead and navigate through the Scrapyard of Edelstein, where you'll join forces with some friendly androids, as you prepare to infiltrate Black Heaven!
Black Heaven: Final Chapter
  • Acts 5 and 6 Released
    Acts 5 and 6 Released
    On April 22, experience the Final Chapter of the Black Heaven content, as Acts 5 and 6 are released! Act 5 has you exploring the giant ship Black Heaven and features moving platforms, a maze system and circuit puzzles. Act 6 is the finale, in which you must engage in battle against Lotus! Lotus is also available as a boss for players Lv. 190 and above to challenge after completing Black Heaven.
  • Towards the Core
    Towards the Core
    Finally the members of the Maple Alliance are able to board Black Heaven! Navigate through the enormous ship, fighting androids as you make your way past the security systems. As Orchid and Francis join you, you'll need to work together to make your way to the heart of the ship.
  • Lotus
    Gelimer's ultimate mission is to turn everyone in Maple World into his puppets. He has used Lotus, making him into a power source for Black Heaven. In order to stop Gelimer's evil plan and destroy Black Heaven, you must defeat Lotus!