MapleStory Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum

Dawnveil, the Lost Continent

Uncover the mysteries of Dawnveil!

Once lost, and long forgotten, the continent of Dawnveil has rested in silence, hidden away from Maple World by a thick blanket of arcane fog...

But the spell has been broken. As the fog began to clear, the kingdoms of Dawnveil began to move one by one. But the stirrings of an ancient civilization could spell trouble for the balance of Maple World.

Prepare for a new adventure through a land once lost, a land where magic and history meet. Prepare yourself for Dawnveil!

Chapter 1

The fog lifted on the area known as Tynerum first, home to a peaceful race of demons. After escaping captivity in the depths of Crimsonheart Castle, the demons attempted to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives on the edge of the labyrinthine Shadow Veil Forest. Little did they know, an evil presence had taken root in their homeland.

The necromancer, Hilla, poisoned the forest's Heart Tree with her black magic, and brought forth a being of pure hate to oppress the people of Tynerum. In a rumbling torrent of terror, fueled by the fury of the forest, a mighty creature of twisted magic pours from the ground. The great behemoth awakens... Gollux!

Chapter 2

Welcome to the second region of the Dawnveil continent, the trade republic of Commerci. Exploration takes on a whole new dimension with Commerci's unique day/night system. Join in Commerci's bustling economy by acquiring and using Commerci Denaro to get new equipment. Dive into raging sea battles for a chance to find new items and materials. Upgrade any Lv. 140-150 equipment to the new Lv. 160 equipment if it is of a corresponding item type, and carry over the potential rank and enhancements!