• MapleStory meets SAO

    MapleStory and Sword Art Online have joined forces for one of the most awesome crossover events in gaming. You watched it. You loved it. Now LIVE it! The characters of Sword Art Online have been transported to a dungeon in Maple World, and it's up to you to save them from the monsters that guard it.

    MapleStory meets SAO
  • New SAO Dungeon

    Step foot inside our new dungeon and face off against bosses from Sword Art Online. Once inside, you'll transform into one of three Sword Art Online characters-Kirito, Asuna, or Leafa-and will be able to fight using their skills. Fight monsters and vanquish bosses like The Gleam Eyes, The Skull Reaper, and earn special medals and even a new familiar by clearing the dungeon multiple times!

    New SAO Dungeon
  • Exclusive Cash Items

    The new dungeon isn't the only way to experience Sword Art Online in MapleStory- you can also purchase special themed items in the Cash Shop! Hair and facial styles for Kirito, Asuna and Leafa are available, in addition to special outfits. You can even dress like Yui!

    Exclusive Cash Items