Blog: 5th Job Insights from Nexon Korea's Dev Team

Hello Maplers,

We are the Global MapleStory Development Team from Nexon Korea.

Thank you for taking an interest in the first message we sent out last week. Although we, the development team, are a great distance away from you in Korea, we are listening carefully to your feedback regarding the content and updates that we release. We want you to know that we are always working hard to develop content that you will enjoy. In this message, we hope to be able to provide you with some insight into the content we have recently released.

The second MapleStory V update, 5th Job, has just been released and this unlocks the ability to access the V Matrix system and 5th Job Advancement for all classes. Once you advance to 5th Job, the V Matrix system allows you to customize your character's skills to your tastes. In addition to this system, a new area called Arcane River has also been released. To explore this area completely, a new equipment enhancement system called Arcane Symbol along with Arcane Power is needed to be able to defeat the monsters in these new maps. Arcane Power can be increased by enhancing the Arcane Symbols you equip. Raising your Arcane Power will help you do maximum damage to these new monsters and level your character up quickly in these new areas. Lastly, this update introduces a Lv. 200 equipment set, Arcane Umbra, that possesses excellent stats, worthy of being among the highest level equipment.

The new continent called Arcane River was created with the concept of a great river flowing towards the Black Mage. There are 3 areas in the Arcane River: Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, and Lachelein the Dreaming City and these areas will be released gradually from December to January. When creating these areas, we put a great deal of effort into providing content that is both visually new and varied in gameplay. We know our players also enjoy the music in MapleStory, so we worked hard to create high quality tracks that live up to those standards. Last of all, a new challenge waits for you next year on January 4th, as the new boss Lucid will be released.

We hope you have been enjoying this content so far and will continue to enjoy it as much as we did creating it. We always strive to provide you with high quality content and welcome any feedback you have.

Please log in to the game today to experience the MapleStory V: 5th Job update!

We’ll be sure to greet you again in the future when we release even more exciting updates!

Thank you!

-Nexon Korea's Global MapleStory Development Team