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PIC (Personal Identification code) Information

What is a PIC

"PIC" is the abbreviation for "Personal Identification Code," an extra layer of account security that helps reduce the risk of your MapleStory account becoming the victim of account theft. Be safe! Protect your account information, including your account ID, password and PIC. Never share your account with others and update your password frequently.

How do I get a PIC?

You will be asked to create a PIC the first time you log into MapleStory using your account ID and password.

Follow these simple steps to create your PIC

  • When you log in, you will see a popup screen that reads: "You must register a Personal Identification Code (PIC). Please create your PIC."
    - Click "OK."
  • You will see an image that resembles a computer keyboard. This is called a "Soft Keyboard" and the individual keys can be clicked with a mouse in order to enter your PIC. Click the keys with the cursor to select 6-16 alphanumeric characters of your choice.
    - Click "OK."
  • The soft keyboard will prompt you, "Please re-enter your PIC." Re-enter the same sequence of letters and numbers to double check your PIC selection for mistakes or typos.
    - Click "OK."
  • If the two PICs match, the system will register your new PIC and you can begin paying the game. If there is an error, the system will prompt you to re-enter the PIC.

Remember, you will need to re-enter your PIC every time you log in to play MapleStory. Keep your information safe and never share your PIC with anyone.

If I forget my PIC, how can I retrieve it?

For security reasons you will be unable to retrieve a lost or forgotten PIC. You can, however, reset your PIC by requesting a PIC reset. To do so, please press the "Reset My PIC" button above.

MapleStory is asking me about a "PIN". What does that mean?

On February 10, 2010, MapleStory moved from a "PIN" (Personal Identification Number) system to the current PIC system. If your account was created prior to February 10, 2010, you'll be prompted to log in with your account ID, password, and old PIN number the first time you try to log in.
Once you do this and reach the character select screen, you will be prompted to create a PIC. Follow the steps above to create your PIC. After you have created your PIC, you will no longer need to enter your PIN at login.