Jun 02, 2016

Take a World Tour: 6/2 – 6/20

Thursday, June 2 – Monday, June 20

Join Mr. Lee as his World Tour returns! Travel to different countries around the world and take part in mini-games. Players Lv. 33 and above can select the World Tour icon from the star event notifier on the left side of the screen to move to the World Tour map. Speak to a country’s NPC to move to that country’s mini-game.


Travel to Singapore and run through the city catching maple leaves! Speak with NPC Viviana to enter the Singapore City Run mini-game. You must hit the Space Bar key at just the right time in order to catch a maple leaf. Look out as you run, lest you fall into a hole! The game ends when you fall into a hole or your HP becomes zero. See how many leaves you can collect!


Visit Spain and survive the running of the bulls! Speak with NPC Fernando to enter the Spanish Bullfighting Festival mini-game. Every 30 seconds a different-colored bull appears. Yellow and black bulls have high HP and will run you down! Try to avoid them and focus on hunting the red bulls. Collect the beef the bulls drop to restore your health. The game ends when the 3-minute time limit is reached. See if you can survive the bullfight!

United States

While in the United States, you’ll become the pinball in a giant pinball machine! Speak with NPC Jenny to enter the USA Pinball Game. As the pinball, you must bounce around obtaining points! Make sure to use the jump platforms and bump into the giant pin and shower pin to gain even more points. The game ends when the 3-minute time limit is reached or you fall into the hole at the bottom of the map. See how many points you can earn!

Spinel’s World Tour Coin Shop

Depending on your score, you’ll earn World Traveler Coins, which you can exchange for rewards from Spinel’s World Tour Coin Shop!

Spinel’s stocked lots of great items, including:

  • I Want You Chair: Untradeable
  • Seville Square Chair: Untradeable
  • Merlion Park Chair: Untradeable

  • Star-Spangled Hat Mount 30-Day Coupon: Untradeable
  • Raging Bull Mount 30-Day Coupon: Untradeable
  • Merlion Mount 30-Day Coupon: Untradeable

  • USA Damage Skin: Movement only possible within account.7-day duration.

  • Churro Damage Skin: Movement only possible within account. 7-day duration.

  • Singapore Night Damage Skin: Movement only possible within account. 7-day duration.

Spinel has lots of other great items too. Check out his coin shop to find equips, 8- and 10-slot bags, Mastery Books, AP and SP Reset Scrolls, Potential scrolls, Golden Hammers, Scissors of Karma and more.

More Rewards

That’s not all! Complete mini-games multiple times to earn 30-minute 2x EXP coupons. Defeat 50 bulls in Spain and receive a title:

  • Unlimited Ribeye: Untradeable. 30-day duration. STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +1, MaxHP/MaxMP + 400.

Complete each mini-game 10 times to receive a medal:

  • 2016 World Traveler: One-of-a-kind Item. Untradeable. Req. Lv: 120. STR/DEX/LUK +5, INT +7, MaxHP/MaxMP +350, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +1, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +150.





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