Jul 14, 2016

Heroes of Maple: Act 2 is Here!

The summer blockbuster continues with Act 2 of Heroes of Maple, debuting today!

The six heroes are trying to save the Maple World from the Black Mage’s commander, Damien, and his demon army! Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, Evan, and Shade must join together to defeat this great evil.

In Act 2, Evan—along with Mercedes, Phantom, and Luminous—heads to Nihal Desert to search the ruins for the ancient relic, Abraxas. It may hold the key to fighting Damien! The way is dangerous, and full of traps and riddles. Will they be able to succeed in their mission?

Complete Act 2 and fulfill certain requirements to receive the following medals:

  • Destroy at least 70 pots in Act 2
    • Shattering Pot: Untradeable. Medal. Req. Lv: 100. STR/INT/DEX/LUK: +4.
  • Answer the riddle correctly on the 3rd try.
    • Ignorant of the Truth: Untradeable. Medal. Req. Lv: 100. STR/INT/DEX/LUK: +4.
  • Defeat the gatekeeper 3 times or more
    • Out Of My Way: Untradeable. Medal. Req. Lv: 100. STR/INT/DEX/LUK: +4.

You can also earn the following rewards just for clearing Act 2 once or twice:

  • Clear Act 2 once
    • Phantom Cube Chair: Untradeable. Recover 50 HP/MP every 10 seconds.
  • Clear Act 2 twice
    • Heroes Catch-up Kit: Untradeable. Open this box to receive one of the following items randomly:
      • Mercedes's Lip Gloss: Untradeable. Consumable. Charm: +300.
      • Shade's Espresso: Untradeable. Consumable. Empathy: +300.
      • Phantom's Hand Lotion: Untradeable. Consumable. Diligence: +300.
      • Aran's Energy Drink: Untradeable. Consumable. Willpower: +300.
      • Evan's Steamed Potato: Untradeable. Consumable. Insight: +300.
      • Luminous's Hair Spray: Untradeable. Consumable. Ambition: +300.

The next few Acts of the exciting Heroes of Maple story will be released throughout the summer. Become a hero and defend the Maple World!





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