Aug 22, 2016

Important Message - Kishin Shoukan

Dear Maplers,

We would like to provide you with an update regarding the Kanna skill Kishin Shoukan.

As we mentioned on August 11th, we understand your concerns regarding the difference between how Kishin Shoukan functioned prior to July 20th and how the skill currently functions. After we fixed the legacy issue with the skill and brought it back to the intended specifications, we continued to evaluate how players had been using this skill in the past and how current Kanna players are using the skill. We also considered the extensive feedback that players were providing about their overall gameplay experience, particularly in the Reboot world.

After consideration from the team, we have decided to improve the gameplay experience for all Kanna players by further increasing the effectiveness of Kishin Shoukan. We will adjust the skill so that it reduces monster spawn rates even lower than the current version of Kishin. These reduced spawn rates should bring the skill a little bit closer to how it functioned before the legacy issue was fixed and we intend to implement these changes in the next scheduled maintenance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we looked into these issues and discussed a plan that you, our players, would be happy with. We also thank you all for the passionate feedback about this topic and hope you continue to enjoy your experience with our game.

Thank you,

The MapleStory Team





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