Feb 01, 2017

[Update #2] Known Instability Issues - 2/1

[Update #2] We have completed all the related fixes to these issues and are in the process of testing them. Once we verify the fixes, we plan to have an unscheduled game update maintenance to apply these fixes to the live environment. As compensation for the prolonged issues, we plan to award all players:

  • Six 1-hour 2x EXP Coupons (7 day)
  • Six 1-hour 2x Drop Coupons (7 day)
  • 50 New Year's Coin 
  • One Storm Growth Potion
  • Two Special Medal of Honor items
  • One day of Attendance Event credit
  • 48 Hour Cash Item extension immediately following the upcoming maintenance. 

These will be awarded during the upcoming maintenance. 

We will provide more updates as soon as we have them. 

[Update #1] We are currently still investigating the below issues players are having. We believe we may have found a possible solution and our developers are working on the fixes now. We will provide more updates as soon as we have them. 

 Hi Maplers,

We are aware that some players are currently experiencing server instability and disconnection issues.

These issues include players not being able to select a world in the world selection screen, runtime errors, and "ID is already logged in" errors.

We are currently looking into these issues and will provide updates as soon as we have them.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. Thanks for your patience.

-The MapleStory Team






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