Mar 01, 2017

Meet Your New Best Friend! 3/1 – 3/21

Wednesday, March 1 – Tuesday, March 21

Make new friends and explore Maple World together during the Best Friends Forever event! Take part in special missions to earn a ranking which will reward you with a special medal and BFF Coins! You can exchange the coins for exclusive chairs, accessories, scrolls, and more.

Register in the BFF Finder

Players Lv. 33 and above (Zero characters must have completed up to Chapter 2) will be able to begin by clicking the event notifier on the left side of the screen and selecting the quest ‘Find your new best friend’. You will be guided through event registration and given a BFF Finder Membership Card. Double-click your new card to open the BFF Finder UI.

Once the BFF Finder finds a good match for you, the two of you will automatically be placed in a party together and given a mission to complete. You won’t be able to leave the party until you complete, fail, or forfeit the mission. Try to work together for complete success!

Meetup for Missions

There are a few different missions available. First you have to find your friend! Accept the quest ‘The Meetup: Find Your Partner’ to meet up with your new friend in the same channel and map. To get to know one another, it’s best to go hunting together! When you hunt monsters with your buddy, you’ll both receive an extra 100% EXP bonus. Complete ‘The Meetup: Warm Up Hunt’ to get to know one another’s styles.

Now you’re ready for a special mission!

Bridging the Divide

Accept this mission and move to the special event map. You and your friend each start at opposite ends of the map. Speed and Jump are restricted and some movement skills can’t be used. You and your partner need to meet up on the map within a certain time limit. Which way will you go? Beware of the traps designed to slow you down!

Castle Escape Room

You and your buddy will be moved to an event map and separated so that one player is on the left side and one player is on the right side. In this map, Speed and Jump are fixed, and special movement skills can’t be used. Make your way to the top of the map, avoiding obstacles such as hidden objects, blind spots, spinning saws, swinging hammers, and splintering traps! There are various switches that can be toggled to neutralize the hurdles, but the controls are on the opposite side of the room. You need to work together with your bestie to make sure you both reach the top!

Monster Park Partners

In this event map, you and your friend must work your way through four stages, defeating all of the monsters that appear! These monsters have also paired up with a buddy, making them twice as deadly! Look out for the powerful duos Double Dodo, Birkhog, Nepengolem, and Bananabeetle. Aren’t you glad you and your partner worked on your hunting skills together first?

Picnic Panic

You and your buddy must complete four stages where you hunt all of the monsters in each stage. These monsters are hungry, and they really want to eat the food in the special Picnic Baskets located in each stage! In addition to finding all of the monsters, you must also keep an eye on the Picnic Baskets because if the HP of the Picnic Baskets reaches zero, you will fail your mission.

Bonus Mission

Once you complete all of the missions, you get to enter the bonus mission! Before you enter, you and your buddy will be asked a simple question: Do you want to be Best Friends Forever? Only those that say yes will get to go to the bonus mission. Earn rewards such as trait items, restorative items, Spell Traces, and BFF Coins!

Rating Your Buddy

When your time together has come to an end, you’ll be asked to rate the other player on their Communication, Attitude, Skill, and Team Flow. These factors will contribute to give each of you a rating. You can also mark each other as a Potential BFF or as a BFF Reject!

VIP Ranking

Each time you complete a mission with a buddy, your VIP rank increases! You can obtain higher ranks by matching with more friends! When you achieve a new VIP rank, you’ll be given a special quest to receive a BFF Gift Box, containing a rank-appropriate medal and BFF Coins. BFF Coins can be spent at the BFF Coin Shop (more about that below).

  • VIP Member: Medal. STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +10. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +3. MaxHP/MaxMP: +500. Stats expire after 14 days.
  • VVIP Member: Medal. STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +20. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +5. MaxHP/MaxMP: +1000. Monster DEF Ignored: + 5%. Damage Against Boss Monsters: + 10%. Stats expire after 14 days.
  • OMGVIP Member: Medal. STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +30. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +10. MaxHP/MaxMP: +2000. Monster DEF Ignored: + 10%. Damage Against Boss Monsters: + 15%. Stats expire after 14 days.

Buff Rewards

Depending on how well you perform in each mission, you’ll earn BFF Coins and a Synergy buff. Synergy buffs grant increases stats for 30-60 minutes depending on the level of the buff.

  • Synergy Lv. 1: Buff. Speed: +15. Jump: +15. 30-minute duration.
  • Synergy Lv. 2: Buff. Speed: +15. Jump: +15. MaxHP/MaxMP: +1000. 30-minute duration.
  • Synergy Lv. 3: Buff. Speed: +15. Jump: +15. MaxHP/MaxMP: +2000. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +30. 30-minute duration.
  • Synergy Lv. 4: Buff. Speed: +15. Jump: +15. MaxHP/MaxMP: +2000. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +30. Critical Rate: +20%. 30-minute duration.
  • Synergy Lv. 5: Buff. Speed: +15. Jump: +15. MaxHP/MaxMP: +2000. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +30. Critical Rate: +20%. 2x Drop. 60-minute duration.
  • Synergy Lv. 6: Buff. Speed: +15. Jump: +15. MaxHP/MaxMP: +2000. Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +30. Critical Rate: +20%. 2x EXP & Drop. 60-minute duration.

BFF Coin Shop

You can access the BFF Coin Shop by clicking the ‘Shop’ button from within the BFF Finder UI. Here you can exchange your BFF Coins for a number of special goods including:

  • Chairs: Our Daring Escape, BFF Picnic, BFF Selection Stage Chair, Monster and Me, and Me and the Moon.

  • Accessories: Friendship Ring: Besties, Violet Blossom (cape), and Freesia Blossom (cape).

  • Scrolls: Epic Potential Scroll 50% and Pure Clean Slate Scroll 10%.
  • Other items you can get include Mastery Book 20/30, BFF Medal of Honor, Job Advancement Coin, Trait Boost Potion, Monster Park REBORN Coupon, and BFF Members Card Do-over Ticket.





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