Jun 21, 2017

[Updated] Join the Legion System!

Grow your characters and earn buffs when you join the brand-new Legion System! This new system replaces Character Cards and Part-time Jobs, and helps your characters in the same world get stronger together.

Characters Lv. 60 and above (Lv. 130 and above for Zero characters) who have completed their 2nd job advancement are eligible to join the Legion. To start, click the ‘Menu” button at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Legion’. Make sure that you have a minimum of three eligible characters and that the sum of their levels is at least 500. For example, you could have a Lv. 90 character, a Lv. 170 character, and a Lv. 240 character. Or you could have a Lv. 60 character, a Lv. 90 character, a Lv. 170 character, and a Lv. 180 character.

On the Legion System UI, you can view:

  • The Synergy Grid
  • Your Legion Members and their ranks
  • Your overall Legion tier and rank
  • The amount of Legion Coins you’ve collected
  • Your Legion stat bonuses from Legion Members and from the Synergy Grid

Synergy Grid Bonuses

The Synergy Grid is broken up into 16 different areas, each with unique stat increases such as STR, DEX, INT, LUK, MaxHP, MaxMP, Critical Rate, amount of EXP obtained, buff duration, and more. Select one of your characters (‘Legion Members’) and drag it into an area on the Synergy Grid to start earning the bonuses from that particular section.

Each character occupies a different shape on the Synergy Grid based on its core job (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, or Pirate). You can also rotate or flip the shape in order to make it fit better on the Synergy Grid. Depending on their rank, some characters may have a larger shape on the Synergy Grid than others. The more area you control, the more grid bonuses you’ll gain. Use the Synergy Grid like a puzzle to fit your characters in just the right way to maximize the bonuses you want. You can also change the layout of the grid bonuses on the Synergy Grid, or remove characters from the Synergy Grid by right-clicking them.

At first, you will only have access to a small portion of the Synergy Grid. As you upgrade your Legion ranking, you can unlock more of the Synergy Grid. Grid bonuses apply to all the eligible characters within the same world.

Legion Member Bonuses

In addition to grid bonuses, you also earn Legion Member bonuses! Each job has its own stat bonuses:

  • Hero: Increases STR
  • Paladin: Increases STR
  • Dark Knight: Increases MaxHP
  • Mage (Fire/Poison): Increases MaxMP
  • Mage (Ice/Lightning): Increases INT
  • Bishop: Increases INT
  • Bow Master: Increases DEX
  • Marksman: Increases Critical Rate
  • Night Lord: Increases Critical Rate
  • Shadower: Increases LUK
  • Dual Blade: Increases LUK
  • Buccaneer: Increases STR
  • Corsair: Increases Summons Duration
  • Cannoneer: Increases STR
  • Jett: Increases Critical Damage
  • Demon Slayer: Increases Status Resistances
  • Demon Avenger: Increases Boss ATT
  • Blaster: Increases Ignore Defense
  • Battle Mage: Increases INT
  • Wild Hunter: Adds a 20% chance to increase damage when attacking
  • Mechanic: Increases Buff Duration
  • Xenon: Increases STR, DEX, LUK               
  • Aran: Adds a 70% chance to restore a portion of MaxHP on successful hit
  • Evan: Adds a 70% chance to restore a portion of MaxMP on successful hit
  • Luminous: Increases INT
  • Mercedes: Decreases skill cooldown
  • Phantom: Increases Meso Drop
  • Shade: Increases Critical Damage
  • Dawn Warrior: Increases MaxHP
  • Mihile: Increases MaxHP
  • Blaze Wizard: Increases INT
  • Wind Archer: Increases DEX
  • Night Walker: Increases LUK
  • Thunder Breaker: Increases STR
  • Kaiser: Increases STR
  • Angelic Buster: Increases DEX
  • Zero: Increases EXP
  • Kinesis: Increases INT
  • Hayato: Increases Critical Damage
  • Kanna: Increases Boss ATT
  • Beast Tamer: Increases Ignore Defense

If you have two or more Legion Members of the same job, only one member bonus will be applied for that job. The amount of member bonus increases as your character achieves a higher Legion Member rank. The Legion Member rank is determined by your character’s level:

  • B: Lv. 60 - 99 (Lv. 130 - 159 for Zero)
  • A: Lv. 100 - 139 (Lv. 160 - 179 for Zero)
  • S: Lv. 140 - 199 (Lv. 180 - 199 for Zero)
  • SS: Lv. 200 - 249
  • SSS: Lv. 250

Member bonuses apply to all the eligible characters within the same world.

Overall Legion Ranking

The sum of your Legion Member’s levels determines what Legion ranking you receive. (Note that if you have multiple Zero characters, only the highest-level Zero character will be summed in the Legion ranking.) There are four tiers in the Legion:

  • Nameless Legion: Character level sum is between 500 and 2999.
  • Renowned Legion: Character level sum is between 3000 and 5499.
  • Heroic Legion: Character level sum is between 5500 and 7999.
  • Legendary Legion: Character level sum is above 8000.

Each tier is sub-divided into five ranks. The higher rank you achieve, the more Legion Members you can assign to the Synergy Grid.

Once your character level sum is high enough, you can increase your Legion ranking by paying a fee of Legion Coins. You can earn Legion Coins by participating in the Legion Raid!

Legion Raid

Your Legion Members can take part in the Legion Raid, a cooperative battle where you need to take down a fierce dragon! Make sure you have assigned Legion Members to spaces on the Synergy Grid, and then click the ‘Start Raid’ button in the Legion System UI.

Once the raid starts, you will be able to control one character, and the rest of your Legion Members from your Synergy Grid will be controlled by AI. The Legion Members will automatically begin attacking the dragon, even if you have not yet jumped into battle.

The dragon’s HP is divided into two bars—a purple bar for shield HP and a green bar for regular HP. The automatic attacks of the Legion Members damage the shield HP bar, and your direct attacks damage the regular HP bar. The amount of damage dealt depends on the Raid Power of your Legion Members, and is determined by the character’s level and Star Force. 

All this damage adds up in the form of Legion Coins! For every 100 billion damage done to the dragon, you earn Legion Coins. Make sure you join the fight too as this will give you higher Raid Power and allow you to earn Legion Coins even faster!

Legion Coin Shop

You can use your hard-earned Legion Coins to advance your Legion ranking, or you can spend them in the Legion Coin Shop! Visit Squire Pancho Sanza located in major towns to purchase useful items from the shop. He has stocked up on special Legion buffs (see below), scrolls (like the Pure Clean Slate Scroll 10% and Epic Potential Scroll 50%), growth potions, meso boxes, Master Craftsman's Cubes, and more!

  • Legion’s Might Lv. 1-3: Buffs that grant Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +30 for 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Legion's Expertise Lv. 1-3: Buffs that grant EXP +100% for 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Legion's Luck Lv. 1-3: Buffs that grant drop rate +30% for 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Legion's Wealth Lv. 1-3: Buffs that grant mesos +50% for 10 to 30 minutes.

Legion Coin Collector Ranking

Depending on how many Legion Coins you earn per week, you may land a spot on the weekly Legion Coin Collector ranking! You will be registered on the world rankings based on the number of Legion Coins you accumulate each week between Monday 12:30 (UTC) to Sunday 11:30 (UTC). If you rank within the top 100 characters, you can earn rewards such as a Legion Rank Mount and Legion of Extraordinary Maplers Chair! You can check your weekly ranking and receive your rewards from NPC Ms. Appropriation located in major towns.

[Updated June 23] In addition to the weekly Legion Coin Collector ranking, you can also check your cumulative level ranking on the website. It updates every Monday at midnight UTC. Click here to see the ranking!

Legion Grand Opening Event

PDT: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (after maintenance) – Tuesday, July 18, 2017 4:59 PM
EDT: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (after maintenance) – Tuesday, July 18, 2017 7:59 PM
CEST: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (after maintenance) – Wednesday, July 19, 2017 1:59 AM
AEST: Thursday, June 22, 2017 (after maintenance) – Wednesday, July 19, 2017 9:59 AM

For a limited time, the amount of Legion Coins needed to advance your Legion rank is reduced by half! Celebrate the release of the Legion System and start ranking up!





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