Jul 12, 2017

v.187 – Override: Venture Update Preview

The summer of adventure continues with new areas Eluna and Arcana! Travel to the planet of Eluna and mine the minerals found on its surface to earn EXP! Arcane River expands with the mysterious forest of Arcana, where the spirits of darkness are taking over the land. You can also visit Lachelein and make your way through the stages of Dream Defender. Other exotic locales to visit include the updated Fantasy Theme World dungeon, and the sands of Nihal Desert. All this and more in the Override: Venture update!


Travel to the mineral-rich planet of Eluna in this event that helps you earn EXP and level up! Players Lv. 33 and above can join an exploration team traveling to the planet. Work together to gather minerals by hunting monsters, harvesting in fields, completing missions, and more. Look out for dangers such as geysers and quicksand, as well as packs of monsters. The more minerals you claim, the more EXP you will receive!


Explore the region of Arcana, the newest area in the continent of Arcane River! Once you defeat Lucid in Lachelein, players Lv. 225 and above will be able to travel downriver to the mysterious forest of Arcana. In the center of Arcana, the Spirit Tree is being corrupted by darkness and wild spirits are taking over! Help the small spirits of the forest defeat the Corrupted Spirit of Harmony and save the tree.


In the city of Lachelein, sleep can be dangerous! Players Lv. 220 and above will be able to enter the Nightmare Clocktower and defeat monsters in its many stages. You’ll have three minutes to defeat Nightmare Music Boxes, and turn them into Sleepytime Music Boxes. Earn Dream Points that unlock special tactical abilities to be used in each stage. There’s no rest for the weary, but your perseverance will pay off in the form of Dream Coins which can be exchanged for rewards!


The Fantasy Theme World dungeon has been updated with a new story! Players Lv. 120 and above can enter this theme dungeon. Meet Dylan, who needs your help with making his engagement proposal a success. It’s his 101st proposal, so he definitely needs assistance! With a fun theme park as a backdrop, surely the two of you can come up with something spectacular. Earn rewards such as a bracelet and medal!


The summer of Override continues with part two of the Coin Shop and TakeOver events, new Override Box event, and more Mega Burning Project! Zero is also returning, giving you another chance to create a character with this job. NPC Spiegelmann has another adventure for you, as he takes off for Nihal Desert! Help him create a successful trading outpost as you work with other merchants. You can earn coins and exchange them for special mounts!


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