Jul 20, 2017

Known Issue - Anti-Virus False Detections

Hi Maplers,

We are aware of an issue that players are encountering during the Nexon Launcher patching process for v187. This error is causing anti-virus software to falsely detect the Nexon Launcher custom patch files as malicious files.

Please be aware that we are confident that the following files do not contain any malicious code and the detections encountered regarding these files are false detections.

  • CustomPatch184to187.exe
  • CustomPatch185to187.exe
  • CustomPatch186to187.exe

If you encounter this issue, please whitelist your MapleStory client folders within your anti-virus program or briefly turn off real time scanning to ensure the false detection does not interrupt the patching process. If you are unsure about whitelisting your MapleStory folder or turning off your anti-virus program, please uninstall MapleStory and redownload the full MapleStory client through your Nexon Launcher. 

If you still encounter errors after following the above steps, please send a support ticket through our Customer Support Center here.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. 

Thank you for your patience while we continue to look into this issue.

-The MapleStory Team




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