Jul 27, 2017

[Updated] Reminder: Register for the PTS!

[Updated August 2] Registration for this round of the PTS has been closed. The applicants will be reviewed, and accepted players will be contacted via email.

There's still time to register for the MapleStory Private Test Server (PTS)! If you are an avid Mapler who enjoys catching bugs and analyzing events, you should make sure to sign up.

The PTS is a separate MapleStory service for select players to test and preview upcoming contents and events before they are released to the general public. We will be opening the PTS for a limited-time starting in August.

Remember, to qualify for participation in the PTS, your account must meet the following criteria:

  • Account must be active (The account has to have logged into the game within the past 3 months, anytime after April 19, 2017 00:00 PDT).
  • Account must be in good standing (The account cannot be currently banned).
  • Account must have at least 1 character that is at least Lv.100 or above.

If this sounds like you, head over to the registration page to sign up for the PTS!

Please note that completing the registration form does not guarantee acceptance to participate in the PTS. We will review the applicants, and the accepted players will be notified via email and given access to the PTS.

Important Information

The same code of conduct for regular MapleStory applies for MapleStory PTS. By registering for the PTS, you acknowledge and accept the End User License Agreement ("EULA"), the Terms of Service ("ToS"), and the Nondisclosure Agreement ("NDA"). Any violation of the code of conduct will result in a ban from the PTS and ineligibility for any future PTS participation. Severe offenses may result in a ban from PTS as well as a ban from the regular service.

Nondisclosure Agreement

Your participation in the Private Test Server (PTS) is strictly confidential. You agree to not share any aspect of your participation in the PTS except in communication to other participants and Nexon America through the PTS section of the official forums. You may not take any audio or video recordings, or capture any images or content during your participation in the PTS.





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