Aug 16, 2017

MapleStory Private Test Server (PTS) is Available Now!

Check your email for a PTS key code!

The MapleStory Private Test Server (PTS) is here and ready for players like you to start previewing the contents and events of the next game update! If you registered for the PTS, check your email to see if you were selected. All selected players have been sent an instructional email containing their PTS key code and directions for how to log in to the PTS. Once you’ve redeemed your key code, you can jump in and start exploring because the PTS is available now!

Please remember that for this round of the PTS, characters from Reboot and Luna worlds could not be copied to the PTS environment. We only copied the characters from the world where your highest-level character resided. If your highest-level character resided in Reboot or Luna, we looked to the next highest-level character and copied the character data from that world instead.

If you were not selected for this round of the PTS, keep an eye on the website for when registration for the next round of the PTS will become available.





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