May 20, 2015

More World Alliances Are Coming June 9

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, June 9, more World Alliances are coming to MapleStory! World Alliances were previously introduced in 2012, and as the populations have adjusted, we’ve realized that additional alliances are needed. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to prepare, and we hope these changes will help you find parties and make new friends.

What is a World Alliance?

Each of MapleStory’s worlds are separate, and you can’t connect with players on a different world except in special content such as Boss Arena or Cross World Party Quests. When several worlds enter into a World Alliance, all of the players in the allied worlds can interact and play together anytime—not just in special content.

Which worlds are getting alliances?

  • Broa and Khaini will become a World Alliance.
  • Bellocan and Mardia will become a World Alliance.
    • Bellocan is already allied with Nova. Mardia is already in a World Alliance consisting of Mardia, Kradia, Yellonde, and Chaos.
    • Now Bellocan, Nova, Mardia, Kradia, Yellonde, and Chaos will all be part of the same World Alliance.
  • Demethos and Renegades will become a World Alliance.
    • Demethos is already in a World Alliance consisting of Demethos, Galicia, El Nido,Zenith, and Arcania.
    • Now Renegades, Demethos, Galicia, El Nido, Zenith, and Arcania will all be part of the same World Alliance.
  • Scania, Bera, and Windia will not enter any World Alliances at this time.


Does this change how I log in?

  • You will still log in to your respective world from the World Select screen.
  • All of your characters will still be separated by world, so you will essentially have even more character slots for the allied world!
  • When you log in to your world, you will be able to interact with players from the other worlds in the alliance as well.

Will this affect my character name?

  • Your character name will not be changed. Character names are unique across all worlds in the game, so changes will not be necessary when your world becomes part of a World Alliance.

Will my character ranking change?

  • Your place in the rankings will not change, as it will still be determined by your results in the world in which your character was created. Please note that the webpage for rankings may not be updated immediately, as there will be ongoing maintenance following the World Alliances update.

Will this affect my guild?

  • Guild names are unique per world, which means when several worlds enter into a World Alliance, there may be some duplicate guild names.
  • As of May 20, we began temporarily restricting guild creation so any new guild names could be checked against the names in each world entering a World Alliance. This is to minimize the number of potential guilds with the same name in the new alliance.
  • If two or more guilds on the new allied world share the same guild name, they will be renamed automatically by adding a letter after the guild name (such as “A” or “B”). If this happens to your guild and you would like to choose a new name, please have your Guild Master contact Customer Support after June 9. Please provide your top 3 choices for a new guild name when submitting a ticket.

What will happen to things that are shared across characters on a world, such as shared storage, Cash Shop, character cards, link skills, and passive skills?

  • There will not be any changes to items shared across characters on a world. However, they will not be shared across multiple worlds in a World Alliance.
  • During Cash Inventory Transfer events, which let you transfer most cash items between your characters within the same world, you will not be able to transfer items between allied worlds. For example, you can transfer items between two characters on Mardia, but you cannot transfer an item from a character on Mardia to a character on Bellocan.


World Alliance Events

In celebration of the additional World Alliances, we will be giving out a special gift to players of the allied worlds! Please log in from Tuesday, June 9 to Tuesday, June 16 and speak to NPC Maple Admin to receive a medal to show pride for your world. You can claim this gift once per character, as long as the character is over Lv. 30.

We hope these changes will allow players on the new allied worlds to participate in more community activities than ever before. If you have questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ above, feel free to post in our forums thread here. We’ll try to answer as many as we can.




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