Nov 10, 2015

Get Free Items For Our Player Appreciation Event!

Monday, November 23 – Monday, November 30

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and we wanted to give thanks to all of our players by holding a special Player Appreciation Event. With this event we want to show all of our loyal Nexon players how much we appreciate their support by giving out some free items across all of our Nexon America games including MapleStory!

To collect your FREE Player Appreciation Event gifts in MapleStory, log in every day during the event period (November 23 – November 29) to receive different gifts each day!

  • Log in each day with a character Lv. 30 or above, and click the gift box icon on the left side of your game window to receive a Gift Box, and then double-click the box in your inventory to open it.
  • You have until midnight to obtain each Gift Box, and the boxes must be opened by 1:00 AM Pacific (4:00 AM Eastern) the following day.
  • If you obtain a Gift Box every day from Monday to Saturday, then on Sunday—in addition to Sunday's item—you can select another gift! You can select one from all of the items that were given out from Monday to Friday. You are not required to have received each day’s Gift Box on the same character in order to be eligible for the extra gift, but it does have to be with characters in the same world (multiple worlds in World Alliances don't count).

Here are the items from each day’s Gift Box:

  • Monday, November 23 - 500 Maple Points Coupon: Untradeable
  • Tuesday, November 24 - Cash Shop 30% Off Coupon: Untradeable, expires after 7 days
  • Wednesday, November 25 - 500 Maple Points Coupon: Untradeable
  • Thursday, November 26 - Cash Shop 30% Off Coupon: Untradeable, expires after 7 days
  • Friday, November 27 - 500 Maple Points Coupon: Untradeable
  • Saturday, November 28 – Cash Shop 30% Off Coupon: Untradeable, expires after 7 days
  • Sunday, November 29 – 1,000 Maple Points Coupon (untradeable). Plus select one additional reward from the items given Monday through Saturday!

But that’s not all! For a limited time during the event period (November 23 – November 30), MapleStory is also having a special sale on the Black Friday Surprise Style Box!

The Black Friday Surprise Style Box is available individually for only 3,400 NX and as a set of 11 for 34,000 NX and contains a random permanent equip! These are some of the most popular items from Premium Surprise Style Boxes. There are 100 different permanent items available!

Check out some of the amazing items you can get from the Black Friday Surprise Style Box!

Carrot Rabbit Label Ring, Carrot Rabbit Chat Ring, Hawaiian Couple (male and female versions), Pineapple Glasses, Bunny Label Ring, Bunny Word Bubble Ring, Ink-and-Wash Painting Name Tag Ring, Ink-and-Wash Thought Bubble Ring, Brown Teddy Label Ring, Brown Teddy Quote Ring, Gentle Ice (male and female versions), Button-a-holic Toy Cap,

Luxury Pearl Label Ring, Luxury Pearl Word Bubble Ring, Beach Babe Outfit (F), Beach Bum Outfit (M), Princess Diary Label Ring, Princess Diary Chat Ring, White Fiancee (F), Snow Bear Beanie, Red Rose Label Ring, Red Rose Chat Ring, Odette and Odile Tutus (F), Romantic Lace Label Ring, Romantic Lace Word Bubble Ring, Crystal Cat Ribbon, Crystal Cat Outfit (male and female versions), Crystal Cat Weapon,

My Own Fireworks, Party Princess (F), Shoes of Life, Charming Baby, Photo-Op, Dark Eckhart, Cheer Uniform (F), Breezy Bamboo, Magic Star (Dress and Suit), Mystic Black Silk Ribbon and Hat (Aerial and regular versions),

Raging Lotus (Wig, Gown, and Aura), Ill Orchid (Wig, Gown, IV), Snow Cap (Mint and Cherry versions), Melody Girl (F), Lovely Shopper (F), Shiny Shopper (M), Seal Wave Snuggler,

Death Waltz Cloak, Gothic Uniform (male and female versions), and Death's Scythe.

Nexon America’s Player Appreciation Event is taking place across all of our games, giving you an opportunity to get FREE items in all your favorite Nexon games. Click on any of the games below for details on their respective Player Appreciation Event!


* Limit 1 free gift package per game, per event-registered account. Limited time event; game-specific event times vary.  Click the links above for details about each game’s event.  Only available to accounts in good standing.   Nexon America’s computers will be the official time-keeping devices.  All times will be in Pacific Standard Time. Please allow up to four (4) weeks for the free gift package to be distributed to all confirmed registrants after the close of all events.





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