Dec 03, 2015

Holiday Events: 12/2 – 12/30

The holidays have come to Maple World! We're hosting a bunch of joyous seasonal activities for you to enjoy. Level up during the Grand Santa Contest, visit Happyville, or decorate a Christmas Tree, plus much, much more!

Sizzling Santa

Wednesday, December 2 – Wednesday, December 30

Help cover for Santa Paul in Happyville’s first-ever Santa Contest! Recruit a team of elves and reindeer and receive daily rewards for all of your hard work. Complete Santa’s Missions daily to earn even more rewards! Earn slot expansion coupons, 2x coupons, Reboot Coins, and more. This event also features another Burning Character effect available for characters Lv. 33 – 150!


Wednesday, December 2 – Friday, December 25

Happyville is back! Access it by speaking to Rooney in the Event Hall. Help Cliff prepare for his fancy party and be rewarded with Cliff’s Special Potion, an elixir that turns you into a pet or a monster and allows you to enter Santa's shop.

Christmas Everywhere

Wednesday, December 2 – Friday, December 25

Click the Christmas event notifier on the left-side of the game window and receive a daily Christmas costume! Dress up as Rudolph, a Snowman, Santa, or Decked-Out Santa!

The Grand Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 2 – Friday, December 25

Collect Christmas Decorations from monsters and use them to decorate the Christmas Tree in town! Once you've got the tree all nice and shiny, you'll be able to receive Reboot Coins, Gingerbread Cookies, or Christmas buffs.

Santa’s Shining Gift

Wednesday, December 2 – Friday, December 25

Hunt monsters in your level range for the chance to obtain Santa’s Shining Box, which includes Reboot Coins, Rudolph’s Red Nose face accessory, buffs, Gingerbread Cookies, or a 7-day Santa Sled Mount coupon! Someone's been nice this year!

Christmas Stocking

Wednesday, December 2 – Friday, December 25

Take an Empty Christmas Stocking and put it in the Item Pot. Feed it 10 ETC items to put it to sleep. After 30 minutes, it will transform into a Gift-Filled Christmas Stocking! Get Reboot Coins, Spell Traces, Bonus Potential Scrolls, and more! Stockings: like a sock, but with more gifts inside!

Beat the Bad Rudolph

Wednesday, December 2 – Wednesday, December 30

Delinquent Reindeer are loose in Maple World! Hunt these monsters to earn holiday-themed rewards such as Gingerbread Cookies, or Rudolph’s Shining Box. Open the box to receive a random reward such as a Penguin Choir chair!




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