Dec 30, 2015

Cash Shop Specials 12/30 - 1/5

Royal Style Coupons

December 30 to January 12 in the Appearance category.

Take your Royal Hair Coupon to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, or your Royal Face Coupon to NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get your new style! Royal Style Coupons are regularly found in the Appearance > Beauty Parlor category in the Cash Shop. You can preview the Royal Styles by double-clicking on the Royal Hair Coupon or the Royal Face Coupon in the Cash Shop.

Check out the Male Hairstyles available now: Hot Top Hair (NEW!), Flare Hair, Line Hair, Highlighted Hair, Ifrit Hair, and Ice Pop Hair.

Check out the Female Hairstyles available now: Fine Shampooed Hair (NEW!), Glamor Hair, Heroine Ponytail, Creampuff Hair, Noble Waves, and Twinkling Hair.

Check out the Male Face Styles available now: Bright Face (NEW!), Surprised Face, Displeased Face, Intelligent Eyes, Big Beady Face, and Rondo Face.

Check out the Female Face Styles available now: Bright Face (NEW!), Nine-Tailed Fox Face, Round Eyed Face, Colorful Face, Odd-Eyed Face, and Big Lady Face.

  • Royal Face
    • Price: 3,300 NX
    • Duration: 90 days
  • Royal Hair
    • Price: 3,300 NX
    • Duration: 90 days

Winter Weather Box

December 30 to January 5 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time category.

Open this box and receive one of 8 random weather effects. These winter affects are just right for the season! When you use the item, a visual effect will appear on the map that you’re in, and you can enter a message of your choice. Each weather effect has a 7-day duration.

  • Winter Weather Box
    • Price: 150 NX
    • Duration: 7 days
    • Here are the available effects:
      • Snowflakes (1)
      • Sprinkled Presents (1)
      • Snowy Snow (1)
      • Holiday Sock (1)
      • Snowy Snowman (1)
      • Tree Decor (1)
      • Winter Knit Fest (1)
      • North Pole Neighbors (1)

Daily Deal: Discounted Quest Booster (2x EXP)

December 31 in the Special Promotions > Daily Deals category.

On December 31, we will be having a special deal on a Quest Booster (2x EXP)! This item increases the EXP earned from quests to 2x the normal amount! The effect begins immediately. You have until 11:59 PM Pacific on December 31 (2:59 AM Eastern on January 1) to purchase this item at a discount!

  • Quest Booster (2x EXP)
    • Price: 2,500 NX 1,500 NX
    • Duration: 10 days

Daily Deal: Hyper Teleport Rock (7 days)

January 2 in the Special Promotions > Daily Deals category.

On January 2, we will be having a special deal on a 7-day Hyper Teleport Rock! Use the Hyper Teleport Rock to teleport to most locations through the World Map. You can also use it to move to a map where a specified character is (same world and channel). You have until 11:59 PM Pacific on January 2 (2:59 AM Eastern on January 3) to purchase this item at a discount!

  • Hyper Teleport Rock
    • Price: 4,900 NX 2,940 NX
    • Duration: 7 days

Swan Permanent Outfit Packages

December 30 to January 5 in the Special Promotions > New Arrivals category.

Put on your pointed slippers and dance gracefully with this package of permanent items!

  • White Swan Set
    • Price: 4,900 NX
    • Includes:
      • Odette Tiara
      • White Swan Ballet Outfit
      • Odette Ballet Slippers
  • Black Swan Set
    • Price: 4,900 NX
    • Includes:
      • Odile Tiara
      • Black Swan Ballet Outfit
      • Odile Ballet Slippers

Permanent Equipment Covers

December 30 to January 5 in the Special Promotions > Last Chance category.

Put together a fun holiday outfit with these permanent items! Get them before they are gone from the shop forever.

Mesoranger Black Helmet (F)
5,800 NX 1,000 NX
Cat Hat 7,800 NX 1,500 NX
The White Tee 6,000 NX 1,000 NX
Hawaiian Shirt (M) 4,200 NX 1,000 NX
Shooting Star Jeans 5,400 NX 1,000 NX
Rolled-up Baggy Jeans 4,800 NX 1,000 NX
Elegant Blue One Piece (F) 9,000 NX 1,500 NX
Bombacha 7,400 NX 1,500 NX
Chipmunk Ears 5,000 NX 1,000 NX
Pink Mimi Blouse (F) 2,400 NX 1,000 NX
Red Leather Boots 3,600 NX 1,000 NX
Rabbit Weapon 6,400 NX 1,000 NX

Gachapon Update

December 22 (after scheduled maintenance) to January 20 in the Random Rewards category.

Do you hear what I hear? The Great Gachapierrot has put on his Santa suit and stocked the Gachapon full of holiday items! Check out the Christmas Phantom, Peppermint Throne, Christmas Tree Chair, and Penguin Choir.

Then feel the frosty air with the Battling Snow Chair, Snowman Buddy Chair, Snowflake Chair, and Cocoa Sheep Chair.

Dream of magical places with the Crystal Ball Chair, Rainy Pal Chair, and Butterfly Love Flower Chair.

Then grab some friends and put on a show with the Open Concert group chair.

See what other cute chairs are available! Get the Chickie Wrap Chair, Pile of Cheese, Shear Wool Chair, and Regal Baby Stroller Chair.

Get ready for a winter wonderland with the Cygnus Snowfield Mount, Neinheart Snowfield Mount, White Mage Snowfield Mount, Hilla Snowfield Mount, and Orchid Snowfield Mount. These mounts are available in permanent and 90-day versions, except for the White Mage Snowfield Mount which is only 90-days.

Then have some fun with the Santa Sled Mount, Surfboard Mount, and Aurora Doe Mount. These mounts are all permanent. The Santa Sled Mount is also available as 90-days.

Surround yourself with some chilly familiars, including Angry Snowman, and Giant Snowman.

  • Gachapon Ticket
    • Price (1): 1,000 NX
    • Price (11): 10,000 NX
    • Duration: 90 days
  • Remote Gachapon Ticket
    • Price (1): 1,050 NX
    • Price (11): 10,500 NX
    • Duration: 90 days

December Big Spender Event

December 16 to December 31
Note: This event will begin after the maintenance on December 16.

For a limited time in December, spend your NX Prepaid and NX Credit in the Cash Shop and earn extra Maple Reward Points!

The more NX you spend during the event period, the more rewards you'll receive! Please note that you will only receive one set of rewards depending on which spending tier you place in.

The rewards will be given out after the January 7 scheduled maintenance, and you will be able to pick them up by clicking the gift box icon on the left side of the screen. Only one character per account can receive the rewards.

  • Spend 50,000 NX - 69,999 NX and receive:
    • 5,000 Maple Reward Points
  • Spend 70,000 NX - 109,999 NX and receive:
    • 10,000 Maple Reward Points
  • Spend 110,000 NX or more and receive:
    • 15,000 Maple Reward Points

Winter Surprise Style Box

December 16 to January 5 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time category.

Each Winter Surprise Style Box holds a random permanent equip with a winter theme! There are 100 different permanent items available! You can trade these style box items with other players through the Cash Item Trade window, if you haven’t equipped them. Right-click on a character to see the menu.

Check out some of the amazing items you can get from the Winter Surprise Style Box!

Bunny Earmuffs, Christmas Padded Jacket, Rudolph Slippers, Ice Flower, Snowy Christmas Chat Ring, Snowy Christmas Label Ring, Snowy Knitted Hat, Bunny-Padded Snowboard Pants, Gingerman Quote Ring, Gingerman Label Ring, Red Loose-Fit Beanie, Luxurious Padded Coat, Penguin Slippers, Snow Day Dream Word Bubble Ring, Snow Day Dream Label Ring, Pinnacle Snow, Aether Snow, Ice Cold Red, Pink Snow Flower Wear (F), Violet Heart Beanie, Snowflake Scarf, Seal Pillow, Snowflake Knit, Unleashed Snow, Pink Down Parka, Rudolph,

Cherry Snow Cap (F), Cherry Snow Outfit (F), Mint Snow Cap (M), Mint Snow Outfit (M), Snowflake Rod, Sky Blue Goggled Beanie, Starry Sky Blue Beanie, Cheering Blue, Snowman Padded Jacket, Blizzard Stick, Beanie Headphone, Snow Earrings, Vintage Muffler Jacket, and Piggyback Snowman!

  • Winter Surprise Style Box
    • Price (1): 3,400 NX
    • Price (11): 34,000 NX
    • Duration: 90 days





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