Feb 03, 2016

Let MapleStory Be Your Valentine! 2/3 – 2/23

Wednesday, February 3 – Tuesday, February 23

Love is in the air! Cupid has let loose a barrage of his magic arrows, and all of Maple World is swooning. It's time to hold that special someone close and celebrate by taking part in these romantic events!

Sweet in the Center

Speak to NPC Cassandra to receive a Valentine's Day Chocolate. You must stay logged into the game for 30 minutes to make it transform into Love-Filled Valentine's Day Chocolate. Once it transforms, you can receive a Sweet V Chocolate Buff!

Cassandra's Special Candy

Hunt monsters within your level range to collect Colored Sugar and Decoration Ribbons. Once all items are collected, return to Ace of Hearts Patissier to receive White Day Candy as a reward! You can eat your White Day Candy to earn EXP, or gift it to NPCs to earn a White Day Gift Box or title! Earn rewards including the Candyflower Chair, Heart Balloon Damage Skin and more.

Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Box

Hunt monsters to try to get the Lovely Valentine's Day Box! Open the box before the end of the event period to receive a random reward such as the Scribble Crush Damage Skin, Lovely V Chair, scrolls, potions and more!

Maple World's Sweet Valentine's Day

Hunt monsters within your level range to collect 100 pieces of Sweet Chocolate. Turn them in for a Valentine's Day Box, which gives a random reward like a Mastery Book 20, Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls, Potential Scrolls, and various potions and restorative items!

Blackheart Day

Hunt monsters within your level range to find the Monster Love Detector, which you can use to summon a monster couple or even a Lovestruck King Slime! Defeat the monster couple to receive exclusive Blackheart Day drops. You can earn Singles Points, Lovey-Dovey Rings and Heartbreaking Necklaces. If you collect enough of these, you can exchange them for various equips, damage skins or a Single Serving Chocolate Chair!

Cassandra's Dating Advice

Talk to Cassandra to receive a Lovestruck Crystal Ball upon starting the event. Stay logged into the game for 30 minutes to turn the Lovestruck Crystal Ball into a Shiny Lovestruck Crystal Ball to complete the quest and earn buffs!





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