Feb 20, 2016

Hot Week: 2/22 – 2/28

Monday, February 22 to Sunday, February 28

MapleStory will be having a second whole week of Hot Days! Get in-game for some great items!

Log in each day with a character Lv. 30 or above, and click the gift box icon on the left side of your game window to receive the following items! All rewards are untradeable, except for Spell Traces.

  • Monday, February 22 - 1 Hour 2x EXP Coupon (x3) (7-day duration)
  • Tuesday, February 23 – 2000 Reward Points Token (7-day duration)
  • Wednesday, February 24 – Character Slot Expansion Coupon (7-day duration)
  • Thursday, February 25 – 1 Hour 2x Drop Coupon (x3) (7-day duration)
  • Friday, February 26 - Spell Traces (x100)
  • Saturday, February 27 – Pendant of the Spirit (7-day duration)
  • Sunday, February 28 – Maple Teleport Rock (7-day duration). Plus select one additional reward from the items given Monday through Saturday!

If you obtain a Gift Box every day from Monday to Saturday, then on Sunday—in addition to Sunday's reward—you can select another gift! You can select one from all of the items that were given out from Monday to Saturday. You are not required to have received each day’s Gift Box on the same character in order to be eligible for the extra gift, but it does have to be with characters in the same world (multiple worlds in World Alliances don't count).





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