Mar 07, 2016

[Update] Marvel Machine is Coming Back March 10!

[Update 3/10 #2] Marvel Machine is now open!

[Update 3/10] We are removing the Sweetwater Ring from the Marvel Machine due to issues we found with the item. This will cause some delay in opening Marvel Machine, and it will not open at 11:00 AM today.  We will update this post once the Marvel Machine can begin.

Get ready, because the Marvel Machine is returning on March 10 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern)!

The Marvel Ambassadors have searched far and wide for the most intriguing, attractive, and powerful items in existence, and now they’re passing these relics on to you.

Spin away for one week and receive three glorious prizes with every spin! What marvels are waiting for you within the Marvel Machine?

Get your hands on items such as:

  • Permanent Hyper Teleport Rock Coupon (tradeable)
  • Lv. 160 Sweetwater weapons
  • Male and female BattleRoids
  • Android Hearts: Outlaw Heart, Titanium Heart, and Electronic Heart O-Series
  • Magnificent Boss Souls
  • Lv. 150 Tower of Oz equipment
  • New Chairs: Open Concert, Electric Cable Car
  • Psy-Limiters for Fafnir, Terminus, and Sweetwater equipment sets
  • Black Friday and Christmas Royal Style Coupons
  • Beauty Album Slot Expansions
  • And more!

With every spin, you also have the chance to win 1 Million Maple Points!

NOTE: Marvel Machine codes can only be redeemed in non-Reboot worlds.





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Nov 30, 2016

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