Mar 24, 2016

Shanghai and Shaolin Temple Now Open!


Visit Shanghai, an area cursed by darkness and surrounded by Jiangshi! Players Lv. 140 and above can accept the introductory quest and access Shanghai from Six Path Crossway. Talk to the citizens in Yu Garden, Shanghai’s main town, to help them out and move up in Shanghai’s social ranks!


As you complete daily quests for the citizens of Yu Garden, you’ll receive Yu Garden Coins (more about them, below) and Yu Garden Points, which correspond to your status in the town—Visitor (0 points), Resident (35 points), or Hero (80 points). Rising through the ranks unlocks more difficulty daily quests, which grant you more Yu Garden Coins. You can also earn special titles to show everyone your status!

Yu Garden Coins

Stock up on those Yu Garden Coins, as you can take them to the Black Market! Black Market merchants appear in Yu Garden every night between 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM Pacific (9:00 PM – 5:00 AM Eastern). They’ve got lots of special items such as Golden Flower accessories, Golden Flower Weapon ATT/Magic ATT scrolls, Mastery Books, Zombie Hunter Chair, Mr. Orlov hat and coin sword coupons, and more!

Fortune Telling

You can also use Yu Garden Coins to have your fortune told once a day. Suan Ming will analyze your future and grant you a 30-minute buff depending on your luck!

  • 1.5x EXP
  • 1.5x Mesos
  • Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: + 20
  • Speed: +20, Jump: +10

Jiangshi Clothing

Keep your eyes peeled as you wander around Shanghai. You might find pieces of Jiangshi clothing! You can take these scraps to Hugh Head. For a modest fee of Yu Garden Coins, he will give you coupons for a Diabolic Jiangshi outfit and hat! Use the coupons to change the appearance of an existing outfit/hat item in your inventory to look like a Diabolic Jiangshi item.

Shaolin Temple Theme Dungeon

Another new area has opened up, and players Lv. 145 can test their might in the Shaolin Temple Theme Dungeon! Accept the introductory quest from the quest notifier on the left side of the screen to visit Elder Jung to begin.

You need to investigate the demons that have taken up residence within Shaolin Temple. Be careful, as you may turn into a demon yourself!

Make your way through Shaolin Temple to face the powerful boss. Take him down, and he may drop Fearless equipment or the Nine-Tailed Fox Totem. Once you’ve completed the main story, you can re-enter the boss battle twice a day.


Shaolin Temple is full of special rewards. Complete the dungeon to receive a Shaolin Temple Savior medal!

  • Shaolin Temple Savior: Untradeable. Req. Lv: 140. Medal. STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +5, MaxHP/MaxMP: +300, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +3, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF: +100.

Crush that boss! If you defeat the boss a certain number of times, you can get some unique rewards.

  • Every time you defeat the boss you have a chance to receive:
    • Nine-Tailed Fox Totem: Untradeable. One-of-a-kind item. Req. Lv: 140. STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +14, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +2.

  • Defeat the boss 30 times to receive:
    • Nine-Tailed Fox Damage Skin: Untradeable

  • Defeat the boss 50 times to receive:
    • Demon Jar Chair: Untradeable

Demon Orb Collection

Once you complete the main story, Zarak has a special mission for you. Collect Demon Orbs from the demons of Shaolin Temple. For each Demon Orb you turn in, you will receive Zarak’s Box. Open Zarak’s Box to receive a random item such as Spell Traces, Potential Stamps, and more!

Once you retrieve all of the Demon Orbs, you will be rewarded with a Spirit Mount (untradeable)!




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