Apr 20, 2016

Celebrate the 11th Anniversary! 4/20 – 5/31

Help us celebrate Nexon America’s 11th Anniversary of MapleStory by taking part in these fun events!

Monster Tales

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Get to know the monsters that inhabit Maple World—you’ll see they’re really very peaceful and innocent! Speak to NPC Clara in Monster Treasure Town to view an episode of Monster Tales, and earn rewards. There are a total of 11 episodes (plus one bonus episode) featuring monsters such as Slime, Orange Mushroom, Ribbon Pig and more. New episodes will be released each weekend through May 15. If you watch an episode on the day it is released, you’ll receive triple the rewards for that episode! Rewards include Spell Traces, 11th Anniversary Coins, and a Medal of Honor.

11th Anniversary Hot Day

Wednesday, May 11

Login to MapleStory on the day of its 11th Anniversary to share the anniversary spirit and receive gifts such as a Saint Weapon Box, a Character Slot Expansion Coupon, a Selective 4 Slot Coupon (this allows you to expand 4 slots on an inventory of your choice), 11th Anniversary Coins and more!

Rob the Monster’s Treasure Storage

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Visit one of seven Monster Treasure Storage maps and compete against four other players to see who can collect the most treasure within the time limit. Look out for obstacles as you collect the Meso Coins and Special Boxes that appear in the storage area. Open boxes to earn helpful buffs and past Anniversary items. Collect coins to earn lots of mesos! The three fastest players will also receive 11th Anniversary Coins.

Rob the Mesopreso Storage

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Collect Mesopreso Storage Keys by hunting monsters within your level range. You can also get keys from various 11th Anniversary events. Take your keys to the Moon Bunny Brothers in Monster Treasure Town, who will grant you access to one of seven random storage maps! No need to compete with other players in this storage—the treasure is all yours! Once inside, collect as many mesos as possible within the time limit by collecting Gold and Silver Meso Coins. You can also open boxes that may give you past Anniversary items or special buffs.

Searching Our Long Lost Storage

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Are you enjoying all of this treasure? Well, there’s more! Hidden portals have been added in eight different towns. Once you find a secret portal, you can use it once a day to gain access to a Lost Vault! Once inside, collect as many mesos as you can in two minutes before they disappear. Treasure boxes appear here too, full of buffs and past Anniversary items. Once you complete the map, you’ll receive one 11th Anniversary Coin as well.

Random Portal Sweepaway

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Portals are also appearing randomly in maps where you hunt monsters within your level range! Take a trip through one of these unexpected portals to access one of the treasure storage maps, and collect as many mesos and treasure boxes as you can within the time limit.

Weekend Coin Shop Smash

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern) and 8:00 PM Pacific (11:00 PM Eastern), you can try for treasure! Accept the invitation from the envelope that appears above your character’s head at these times. You will be moved to the Coin Shop Storage, full of glass cases containing mysterious rewards! Join other players in smashing the glass cases to receive random items from the 11th Anniversary Coin Shop. Once all 200 glass cases are smashed, you’ll encounter an even bigger glass case! Work together to smash the case and receive items for everyone. Some of the items you can get include Maple Treasure equips, monster-themed face accessories, a Yeti and Pepe Damage Skin, 11th Anniversary Scrolls, title and chair bags and more!

11th Anniversary Commemorative Box

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Hunt monsters within your level range, and they may drop an 11th Anniversary Commemorative Box! These boxes are also available through various anniversary events. Open the box to find some great items such as a Monster Transform Potion that will randomly turn you into one of 14 different monsters for 10 minutes. Other items include 11th Anniversary Coins, trait items, restorative items, Spell Traces, Developer’s Letters and Mesopreso Storage Entrance Keys.

Developer’s Letter

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

To mark the occasion, the developers of MapleStory have a few words! Speak to the Maple Administrator to receive a Developer’s Letter Collection Book. Open 11th Anniversary Boxes for a chance to receive a Developer’s Letter. There are over 100 different letters, and if you collect sets of 10, you can obtain rewards of 11th Anniversary Coins through the collection book.

The Grateful Bellflower

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Momma Bellflower in Monster Treasure Town needs your help! She has so many babies that she doesn’t have time to watch them all—perhaps you could assist? You’ll receive a Bellflower Pot to babysit. Hold onto it for 20 minutes, and the Baby Bellflower will grow up and grant you a reward. If you grow a Normal Bellflower, you’ll receive three 11th Anniversary Coins. If you grow a special Golden Bellflower, you’ll receive five 11th Anniversary Coins!

Hot Air Balloon

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

Look around in town and you may spot the 11th Anniversary Hot Air Balloon! The balloon appears in Henesys, Leafre, Haven, and Monster Treasure Town between 9:00 AM and 11:59 PM Pacific each day. You’ll have to work hard to pop it, but if you succeed, the balloon will drop rewards! Get your hands on an 11th Anniversary Commemorative Box, Mesopreso Storage Entrance Keys, trait items and more.

Meso Shower

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

It’s raining mesos! Accept the invitation that appears above your character’s head to move to the event map. For one minute, mesos and other useful items will rain down from the sky! Collect as much as you can including meso coins and boxes, Spell Traces, 11th Anniversary Coins, and 11th Anniversary Boxes. 

Anniversary Attendance Check

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

It’s time for an attendance check! Each day you need to log in and hunt 200 monsters within your level range to receive a reward. These rewards are special—you can get Selective Slot Coupons that allow you to expand 4 or 8 slots on an inventory of your choice! In addition, you can also get rewards such as 11th Anniversary Coins, Spell Traces, a Character Slot Expansion Coupon, an Orange Mushroom Damage Skin and more.

Maple Anniversary Museum

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, May 31

The Maple Anniversary Museum has opened and its curator, Pink Bean, is requesting donations! In order to create a complete collection of historic Anniversary items, you’ll need to help him out. Donate items from each year’s Anniversary by dragging and dropping them into the Museum window. Once you donate an item, you will not be able to use it again so please double-check before donating. You can also enlist Pink Bean’s help! Double-click on an item you don’t have, and Pink Bean will acquire it for you and mark it as collected (this can be done up to three times per day). Fill out each category to receive rewards such as 11th Anniversary Coins and Selective Slot Coupons.

11th Anniversary Coin Shop

Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, June 7

Yeti and Pepe have opened the 11th Anniversary Coin Shop! Collect 11th Anniversary Coins from all of the celebrations and then exchange then for wonderful rewards. Get your hands on the new Maple Treasure equipment set. Collect 11th Anniversary scrolls and upgrade items, monster-themed face accessories, a Yeti and Pepe Damage Skin and more.


Anniversary GM Event

Monday, May 2 – Sunday, May 29

Join the GMs for some fun times in Star Planet! Every day from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Pacific (10:00 PM – 1:00 AM Eastern), the GMs will be hosting games of The Legends Return!, Star Game of Yut, Star Step, and Mayhem! Typing Defense.

Sweet Maple Ice Cream Pop

Wednesday, May 4 – Tuesday, May 31

Let’s make a Maple Ice Cream Pop for the anniversary! Join the event to move to the cooking map. Two 3-players teams will be pitted against each other to see who can complete the ice cream first. You need to work together with your teammates to make the ice cream pop center, coat the ice cream pop with white chocolate, and add sprinkles! You’ll get rewards such as a Sweet Maple Ice Cream Pop, Advanced Giant Potion, or Cookie Shield.

Surprise Chance

Wednesday, May 4 – Tuesday, May 31

It’s the 11th Anniversary, and anything can happen! If your character dies, there’s a chance that you’ll receive a special gift when you revive. You may receive the effects of either a Safety Charm, Respawn Token, or Buff Freezer to protect you!

Share That Festive Feeling

Wednesday, May 4 – Tuesday, May 31

Be a pal—share some spirit with another player! Speak to Manager Mush in Monster Treasure Town to receive a Sharing Spirit Buff Coupon. Use it on another player to give them increased Weapon ATT/Magic ATT and MaxHP/MaxMP for 30 minutes. You can reuse the buff on other players every 30 minutes. If you share 30 buffs, you can receive a special medal. Share that festive feeling!

Commemorative Photo Board

Wednesday, May 4 – Tuesday, May 31

Visit the 11th Anniversary Commemorative Photo Board in Henesys or Leafre and take a picture to remind you of all the fun you had at the 11th Anniversary. You’ll get 11th Anniversary Coins and either an anniversary-themed pendant or an anniversary face accessory.





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