Apr 30, 2016

Premium Surprise Style Boxes Now On Sale in Reboot World!

April 27 to May 31 in the Special Promotions > New Arrivals category in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds.

Reboot world, rejoice! The popular Premium Surprise Style Box item is now available for purchase in the Cash Shop in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds! For the first time, players in Reboot world will be able to get their hands on permanent cash equipment covers.

The Premium Surprise Style Box contains 100 different permanent items. Open a box to receive one random equip cover! In non-Reboot worlds, you can trade these style box items with other players through the Cash Item Trade window, if you haven’t equipped them. Right-click on a character to see the menu. You cannot trade these items in Reboot world.

In this run of the Premium Surprise Style Box, you can get some special outfits designed by Maplers like you! Check out the Shark set designed by Mapler Kythro, and the Just Kitten set designed by by Mapler TsuusT! The Shark set is comprised of the Shark Hoodie, Shark Bodysuit, Shark Cape, and Shark Bite Shoes. The Just Kitten set is comprised of the Cat in a Hat, Kitty Overall (M), Winged Kitty Dress (F ), Windy Paw Scarf, Paw Gloves, Little Kitten Face Accessory, and Just Kitten Boots.


You can also get fun items such as Cunning Sweet Pig Hat (F), Cunning Sweet Pig Outfit (F), Sweet Pig Weapon, Mischievous Sweet Pig Hat (M), Mischievous Sweet Pig Outfit (M), Triple Fish Skewer, Ebony Pimpernel Hat, White Proposal (M), Death's Scythe, Strawberry Cake Word Bubble Ring, and Strawberry Cake Label Ring.

These are just a few of the great equips waiting for you in the Premium Surprise Style Box—available now in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds!

  • Premium Surprise Style Box
    • Price (1): 3,400 NX
    • Price (11): 34,000 NX
    • Duration: 90 days





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