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Royal Hair, Royal Faces, and the new Royal Look Package

Views 169452   Date 1/11/2012

Royal Hair and Royal Faces Return

January 12 - January 24

Start the new year with a whole new look in MapleStory with Royal Hair and Face Coupons and the new Royal Look Package, now available in the Cash Shop! The Royal Look Package contains a Royal Hair Coupon, a Royal Face Coupon, and a seldom available permanent Transparent Hat!

Royal Hair Coupon 3,300 NX
Royal Face Coupon 3,300 NX
Royal Look Package

Royal Hair Coupon
Royal Face Coupon
permanent Transparent Hat

6,750 NX


(10,200 NX value)


Grab a Royal Hair Coupon, then head to Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon to implement a random new look.

Once you’re pleased with your new ‘do, get your game face on with a Royal Face Coupon, redeemable through Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery for a random face.

You can find the Royal Hair Coupon and the Royal Face Coupon by entering the Cash Shop and going to the Event section under the Event tab.

Check out the pictures below to see what Royal Hair and Face styles are currently available.

New Styles

New female hairstyle - Luscious Locks

New female hairstyle - Romantic Perm Hair

New male hairstyle - Neinheart Hair

New male hairstyle - Retro Romance Hair

New female face style - Prim Face

New male face style - Cartoon Face

Male Royal Hair

Bed Head Hair Crow Hair Eastern Mystery Free Spirit Hair
Hipster Wave Hair Long Bowl Cut Neinheart Hair Over Grown Hair
Prince Cut Retro Romance Hair Spiky Bangs Sun Bleached
The Fever Top Knot Hair

Loose Waves Hair and Waxed Hair are not currently available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Female Royal Hair

Crop Style Dual Blade Hair Front Braid Hair Grace
Hime Hair Laguna Beach Lively Waved Long with Bangs
Luscious Locks Romantic Perm Hair Starling Hair Wave Ponytail
Wavy Bob Wavy Ponytail

Kitty Hair and Spiral Curl Hair are not currently available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Male Royal Faces

Bad Mood Look Bright Eyes Cartoon Face Crow Face Confused Look
Look of Evil Male Aran Face Male Evan Face Piercing Gaze

Female Royal Faces

Bright Eyes Crazed Look Female Aran Face Female Evan Face Odd Eye
Piercing Gaze Prim Face Starling Face Wounded Look
Get a new look! Get NX!
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