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Marvel Machine Remix!

Views 24872   Date 3/13/2013

Get ready for the most lucrative Marvel Machine in MapleStory history! We’ve removed the items you don’t want and stuffed the machine full of the high level equips you need to make your characters shine! In addition to all the individual Lv. 150 equipment pieces, we’re also holding a raffle for 1 Million Maple Points! There’s never been a better time to marvel.

The Marvel Ambassadors searched far and wide for the most intriguing, attractive, and powerful items in existence, and now they’re passing these relics on to you. Check out our returning favorites, like the Cursed Kaiserium and Game of Seats Chair, and Lv. 150 Tyrant equips, as well as new equipment like Lv. 150 Japanese Myth equipment and Lv. 150 Root Abyss set equipment! We've also added more Lv. 125 Abyss equipment to the Machine, meaning that your chances of winning a high level equip are the best they've ever been!

Of course, it’s not all about the items. One of the most exciting features of the Marvel Machine is its uncanny ability to turn anyone who plays into an instant Maple Millionaire! Try your luck at winning 1 Million Maple Points and leave that pesky budget behind.

When you spin that perfect item, be sure to use the Mega Marvel to maximize your winnings! The Mega Marvel gives you five more of the items you just won. The Marvel Machine will decide the combination, so you could end up with an even spread, 6 of one item, or anything in between.

Don’t forget, you get THREE prizes for every spin, but your only chance to win is from March 13 to March 20 -- so spin away!

Marvel Machine Spin4,900 NX
Marvel Machine Spin (11)49,000 NX
Mega Marvel20,000 NX

Don't think you have a chance at the jackpot prize? Well, we had FIFTY-NINE lucky millionaires in the previous rounds of Marvel Machine!

The Weekly Raffle adds a whole new level of prizes! For each spin on the Marvel Machine, you’ll get a Raffle Ticket that could win you the weekly prize! You can see the prizes on the new Raffle tab and track how many winners will be awarded each week. This week, we’re raffling 3 additional prizes of 1 Million Maple Points!

What marvels lie hidden within the Marvel Machine? You’ll have to spin for yourself to find out for sure, but here are some of our favorites!

Lv. 150 Tyrant equips (Superior-level equipment)
Check out the stats here!

Lv. 150 Root Abyss equips
Check out the stats here!

Lv. 150 Japanese Myth equips

Lv. 125 Abyss equips

Lightning God Ring

Shamrock Chair

Surprise Style Box (100)

Cursed Kaiserium

5 Star Enhancement Scroll

Gachapon Ticket (50)

Game of Seats Chair

Tinkerer's Chest
More info here.

1 MILLION Maple Points
& more!

You’ll also find an assortment of other prizes, including Cash Shop items, chairs, high-level equipment, scrolls, and powerful buff food!

1. Purchase a Marvel Machine Spin.

Marvel Machine Spins can be purchased with NX Prepaid. If you have a Lv. 30 or higher character, you can also purchase them with NX Credit.

2. Click “Spin” and hold your breath!

The machine will spin and spin and spin until it lands on three random prizes. You get to keep all three! And thanks to the Weekly Raffle, each spin enters you into a raffle for a grand prize. You can ogle the grand prize and watch the countdown timer in the Raffle tab located below the Marvel Machine.

3. Optional: Purchase a Mega Marvel for 20,000 NX.

If you like your winnings, you can purchase a Mega Marvel to get five more of the items you just won. The Marvel Machine will decide the combination, so you could end up with an even spread, 6 of one item, or anything in between. Capitalize on those lucky spins! Each Mega Marvel spin also gives you 4 tickets in the raffle!

4. Check your prize codes in the Coupon Vault!

There's a nifty Coupon Vault that allows you to see all the items you have won on the Marvel Machine, including the codes and expiration dates. If you lose your code, you can always come back to the Coupon Vault to find it again! You can also search or filter codes by item type using the handy search box!

5. Redeem your prize codes in the in-game Cash Shop.

And enjoy your new items!

Important Things to Remember:

  • You must have a MapleStory character to play. Or else who would we give the prizes to?
  • To purchase Spins or Mega Marvel with NX Credit, you must have at least one Lv. 30 character. However, NX Prepaid has no such limitation!
  • Prize codes expire after 2 years and can only be redeemed once. So take your time, but not TOO long, eh?
  • Prize codes are bound to the account that purchased the Spin and cannot be shared with other accounts.
  • Cash Shop item prizes can't be traded. Non-Cash item prizes may or may not be tradeable, depending on the item itself - check the item's description in-game to see!
  • The expiration timer of non-permanent Cash items begin the moment the code is redeemed in the Cash Shop.
  • Each raffle period has its own prizes and winners. Tickets from previous periods do not carry over to the next.
  • Prize distribution for a raffle prize may take up to a week. Winners will not be announced, so check back in-game to see if you won!

Check out our Marvel Machine 101 here!

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