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Absolute Ring Event

Views 245443   Date 7/3/2013
  • Evolving Rings are back! This time however, things have changed. There are now three Evolving rings to collect and upgrade, and if you collect all three and upgrade them at least 31 times total, you can combine them into the ultimate Evolving ring: the Absolute Ring. This powerful ring has the combined stats of all three Evolving rings. There are three different phases, in which you will receive a ring and be able to upgrade it. Check out the details below!

  • [Phase 1 - July 3 to July 14]
    [Phase 2 - July 24 to August 4]
    [Phase 3 - August 7 to August 18]
    [Reward Phase - August 19 to September 2]

  • Step 1


    To receive the ring during each phase, you must talk to Gaga (located in most towns) and tell him you want a ring!

  • Step 2


    To upgrade the ring, you must then speak to Gaga, and select "I want to upgrade my ring" to receive the Evolving Ring Upgrade Potion Box.


    Then, you must then stay logged in for at least one hour with the box in your inventory to receive the Evolving Ring Upgrade Potion. Logging out before the one hour mark will cause the potion box to be removed from your inventory, in which case you will need to start again.

  • Step 3


    Go back to Gaga, and tell him you want to upgrade your ring again, with both the ring and the potion in your inventory.

    Ta da!

    You have now upgraded your ring! You can repeat this once per day ten more times in that phase order to max out your new ring. You must also repeat these steps for each Phase.

  • Checking Your Progress


    You can keep track of your progress by speaking to Gaga and selecting "Check your event list". This will bring up the event window to see your progress.

    [Update as of v139] The bonus day for each phase (07/14, 08/04, and 08/18) is only for those who missed the 11th day of each phase (07/18, 08/03, and 08/17). This way, if a player missed the last day, they can still make their ring tradable, and receive the 11th upgrade. Players who missed any other day, but upgraded on the 11th day and made their ring tradable, will not be able to use the bonus day.

  • Receiving Your Rewards


    During the Rewards Phase (August 18 to September 2), you can earn a reward based on how many days you have participated in.

    1 to 10 Days:

    11 to 20 Days:

    21 to 29 Days:
    at least 30 Days:

    You can exchange your three 2013 Evolving Ring rings for an Absolute Ring. You'll also receive the Absolute chair, shoulder accessory, and medal.

  • Additional Notes:

    When speaking to Gaga, the Evolving Ring must be in your Equip inventory in order for it to gain a level.
    A "day" is based on Pacific time. 12:00 AM Pacific is the start of each day of the event.
    The Evolving Ring 2013 I, II, III and the Absolute Ring are separate from previously-run Evolving Ring events. You cannot level up a ring from one of the past events.
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