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Sengoku High Returns!

Views 83929   Date 4/8/2014

April 9 to April 22

Red Leaf High is back - Sengoku style!

Oda Nobunaga has taken over Red Leaf High. Can you survive his harsh lessons and prove yourself worthy? Step into this premium mini-dungeon and complete each stage of Sengoku High to earn the ability to purchase totems —equipable stat items that boost a variety of stats.

Sharpen those pencils! The classroom just got dangerous.

How to Play

  • Requirement: Your character must be Lv.13 or above. The dungeon is solo only.
  • NPC Boss Kumi will be in most towns. Talk to her to go to enter the school.
  • You can venture deeper into the school for free once per day. Subsequent entries each day will require the use of a Sengoku Class Supplementary Pass, available for 400 NX in the Special Promotions > Limited Time Specials category of the Cash Shop. Or pick up a bundle of 11 passes for 4,000 NX. Each pass will be consumed after one use.
  • The goal is to get as far into the school as you can before time runs out!
  • After completing each room's challenge, you will be awarded Oda Coins.
  • Oda Coins can be used to purchase totems from Four Pillars of Heaven Shop in the homeroom.
  • Fight your way through all the classes and face down Mori Ranmaru!

Sengoku Class Supplementary Passes

You can enter Sengoku High for free once a day. More entries require a special key only available from the Cash Shop:

Sengoku Class Supplementary Pass400 NX (1)
4,000 NX (11)


  • Collect the totems of Sanada Yukimura, Honda Tadakatsu, and Uesugi Kenshin.
  • Each totem is a unique equipped item, so you won’t be able to have two of the same totem equipped at the same time. For example, you can have a Sanada Yukimura Totem equipped at the same time as a Honda Tadakatsu Totem, but you can’t have two Sanada Yukimura Totem equipped at the same time.
  • All of the totems are untradeable.

  • Sanada Yukimura Totem - Untradeable, Unique Equipped item, STR: +24, DEX: +24, INT: +24, LUK: +24, ATT: +8, M. ATT: +8
  • Honda Tadakatsu Totem - Untradeable, Unique Equipped item, STR: +24, DEX: +24, INT: +24, LUK: +24, ATT: +8, M. ATT: +8
  • Uesugi Kenshin Totem - Untradeable, Unique Equipped item, STR: +24, DEX: +24, INT: +24, LUK: +24, ATT: +8, M. ATT: +8

  • Once you’ve collected all three totems, you can speak to Oda Nobunaga and complete the quest “Red Leaf High: Secrets of War” in order to learn the Warring States Manifesto skill.
    • Warring States Manifesto - Summon the Sengoku generals to attack. Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 500%, Cooldown: 180 sec.
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