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Bug Extermination Report - November 28, 2012

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Here in Dr. Bing's Lab - that's right, MY lab - I’ve reverse engineered the cellular structure of the latest batch of bugs, and I’ll be able to completely eradicate them on the 28th of November! I’m one step closer to my goal of complete bug extermination, but my robot minions are still analyzing data on these other bugs. They shall fall to the overwhelming power of science, just like the bugs below already have:

Gameplay and Functionality:

  • The Quick Move function now works in Kampung Village.
  • The Free Market Quick Move now exits the player to the correct place when they are in CBD.
  • Players no longer have to worry about disconnecting if they kill too many enemies too quickly.
  • Mihile can now use "[Mastery Book] Maple Warrior 30".
  • When a player uses the portal in Cold Field I to move to Cold Field II, he will now spawn at the portal.
  • Eregos has finally been banished from the world map.
  • Female Ultimate Explorers no longer get stuck in the Will of the Alliance cutscene.
  • Having well overstayed his welcome, Conor has finally been kicked out of towns.
  • Donald is no longer missing from the NPC list in Nautilus Harbor.
  • [Cash Shop] Instead of showing the items it can't be used with, Transparent Claw now just shows the items it can be used with.
  • The Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns are no longer found on various maps in the game.
  • Some illicit Heavy Artillery has been removed from Lan Ming in Herb Town.
  • Maximus Mount should no longer have issues when attempting to mount up.
  • Many quests which previously discriminated against Jett characters will no longer do so.


  • [Amoria PQ] The background in the 2nd stage no longer ends before reaching the top of the screen.
  • VIP staves no longer have a 2 handed weapon walking animation.
  • Barrel Roulette, a 3rd job skill for Cannoneers, now shows the correct symbol when used.
  • [Cash Shop] The Rose pet equip no longer casts multiple shadows.


  • Maple World Gachapon now correctly says Great Gachapierrot.
  • Information in the Pet Command Guides is no longer outdated - hurrah!
  • 'Loveless Executioner' now has the correct name.
  • A Paladin Mastery Book no longer claims to be useable by Hero classes.
  • Players should no longer get test messages when logging in.
  • The names of Loveless weapons have been changed to be more consistent with other weapons in the game.
  • Maple Administrator no longer gives temporary dates when exchanging Master Books.
  • [Bishop] The description for Holy Magic Shell skill now mentions base HP in regards to healing.
  • The text for the [Red Leaf High Entry Key] quest is not so misleading anymore.

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