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Bug Extermination Report - December 5, 2012

Views 37770   Date 12/4/2012


Here in Dr. Bing's Lab - that's right, MY lab - I’ve reverse engineered the cellular structure of the latest batch of bugs, and I’ll be able to completely eradicate them on the 5th of December! I’m one step closer to my goal of complete bug extermination, but my robot minions are still analyzing data on these other bugs. They shall fall to the overwhelming power of science, just like the bugs below already have:

  • Maplestory is now compatible with Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit.
  • Cannoneer skill "Barrel Bomb" will now function correctly.
  • Players are now able to preview Royal Hairs and Royal Faces in the Cash Shop again.
  • [Azwan] Players will no longer be kicked out to login screen when attempting to enter the Fight for Azwan.
  • The quest "Defeat the Gigatoad!" can now be completed.

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