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Known Issues: Updated April 16, 2014

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My robot minions are still analyzing data on these bugs as of April 16, 2014. They shall fall to the overwhelming power of science... SOON!

Note: This post shall be updated weekly with any new issues. Issues which are fixed shall be removed from this list, and will be posted with maintenance notices they are fixed in. Please check the Bug Extermination Report section to see if an issue has been resolved.

Gameplay and Functionality:

  • Players who have already completed the quest ‘The Great Easter Egg Hunt’ before 04/16 will be unable to receive the Moon Bunny Set equips again.
  • The ‘Spirit of Rock’ will not spawn if players enter the map ‘7th Floor 8th Floor Area D’ while in a party.
  • The Hayato skill ‘Surging Blade’ is not able to change direction mid-combo.
  • Zero characters do not receive the quest ‘Road to Treglow’.
  • The scrolls ‘Basic Gollux Scroll’, ‘Advanced Gollux Scroll’, ‘Scroll for Sweetwater Two-Handed Weapon’, ‘Scroll for Sweetwater One-handed Weapon’, ‘Scroll for Sweetwater Accessory’, and ‘Scroll for Sweetwater Accessory’ are unable to be used in the Item Upgrade UI. (Please note: These scrolls can still be used by dragging them onto a piece of equipment in the Item Inventory.)
  • Players will not receive indication of a matchmaking failure if their opponent exits or disconnects when attempting to join Boss Arena.
  • The pet ‘Von Soup’ cannot start the quest ‘Pet Instructor Test’ or the quest ‘The Secret Method.’
  • The Buccaneer skill ‘Octopunch Outrage’ is not dealing proper damage when using ‘Energy Charge’ with the hyper skills ‘Octopunch - Boss Rush’ and ‘Octopunch - Reinforce’.
  • Some players are receiving “Error Code: 11004”, and having their client crash, when attempting to access the game using the Web launcher. (Note: A work around for this is to launch the game using C:\Nexon\MapleStory\GameLauncher.exe)
  • Hayato characters receive the quest ‘Statue of Dread’ to start the Zakum PQ from the incorrect NPC (Robeira, instead of Tylus).
  • Beast Tamers incorrectly receive 8 AP to STR and 1 AP to DEX instead of 9 AP to INT during the tutorial
  • Expired Event Monsters and NPCs are present in the World Map lists.
  • Multiple players are reporting being unable to receive the final stamp for the December Fun Attendance Event.
  • The crystal to summon the third phase of the Horntail boss fight has a chance to not appear when participating in the expedition.
  • Normal Mode and Madman Ranmaru are not dropping items when defeated.
  • Monsters in ‘Fight for Azwan’ will occasionally become unable to be killed.
  • Defeating Gollux on any difficulty will result in the same rewards.
  • The ‘Sea of Fog’ Party Quest is unable to be started.
  • Days do not reset for the Scared in the Dark medal after skipping a day and abandoning quest then restarting the quest.
  • [Silent Crusade] The Silent Crusade Set in the Crusade Codex is no longer correct.
  • Several players are unable to progress further in the Lion King's Castle quest line due to partial completion of the quest line before the revamp
  • [Silent Crusade] The Coco card can't be obtained.
  • Portals in Malaysia Trend Zone Metropolis should have a pop-up.
  • [Dragon Rider] Dragonoir uses the Damage Reflect skill.
  • [Guide System] The “Help a Whale Out” quest does not appear in the Guide System during the Cannoneer quest


  • [Luminous] The first text bubble that appears over Luminous's head after the Black Mage fight in the tutorial is reversed.
  • After defeating Horntail, the speech bubbles of the two Black Mage NPCs overlap each other.

If you are experiencing an issue that is not on this list, please report it here!

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