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Known Issues: Updated October 10, 2014

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My robot minions are still analyzing data on these bugs as of October 10, 2014. They shall fall to the overwhelming power of science... SOON!

Note: This post shall be updated weekly with any new issues. Issues which are fixed shall be removed from this list, and will be posted with maintenance notices they are fixed in. Please check the Bug Extermination Report section to see if an issue has been resolved.

Gameplay and Functionality:

  • Kanna and Hayato characters do not receive the “Gold Beach” quest line.
  • ”Dungeon Additional Entry Tickets” are not functioning properly.
  • The Kaiser skill “Kaiser’s Majesty” is not consistently ignoring damage reflect.
  • There is a possibility of the client disconnecting to the log-in screen when changing channels.
  • Magnus’s dash attack incorrectly hits players twice.
  • The Night Lord skill “Showdown - Spread” does not increase the number of monsters hit by skill “Showdown”.
  • The Shade skill “Soul Splitter” does not increase the damage dealt when attacking stationary monsters.
  • The Sword Art Online monsters “The Skull Reaper” and “Gleam Eyes” are pulled towards the player’s character when they are attacked.
  • Players have a chance to be moved/teleported, and possibly get stuck, if sitting on a chair that changes their animation/stance with any of the Sengoku High totems equipped.
  • The Tot’s-Know-How quest “The Party System” is unable to be completed.
  • Some characters temporarily have incorrect stats after leaving the Sword Art Online dungeon.
  • The quest “The Birth of Shingo” cannot be completed after completing the quest “The Alliance Gathers.”
  • Players are unable to collect the final Tot’s Know-How reward.
  • The Leafre Crusader Codex does not give 30% Ignore DEF.
  • The quest “Yuris’ Sudden Craving” is unable to be completed due to a missing NPC.
  • Players will not receive indication of a matchmaking failure if their opponent exits or disconnects when attempting to join Boss Arena.
  • Some players are receiving “Error Code: 11004”, and having their client crash, when attempting to access the game using the Web launcher. (Note: A work around for this is to launch the game using C:\Nexon\MapleStory\GameLauncher.exe)
  • Beast Tamers incorrectly receive 8 AP to STR and 1 AP to DEX instead of 9 AP to INT during the tutorial
  • The crystal to summon the third phase of the Horntail boss fight has a chance to not appear when participating in the expedition.
  • Defeating Gollux on any difficulty will result in the same rewards.
  • Days do not reset for the Scared in the Dark medal after skipping a day and abandoning quest then restarting the quest.
  • [Silent Crusade] The Silent Crusade Set in the Crusade Codex is no longer correct.
  • [Silent Crusade] The Coco card can't be obtained.


  • The description for Pet Skill “Pick Up Leftover Item & Meso Skills” does not match in-game functionality.
  • The Damage Skin Storage Scroll will incorrectly list “Unreadable skin due to update.” when used with certain Damage Skins.
  • Fantasy Theme World is incorrectly referred to as “Fantasy Theme Park” on multiple maps.


  • [Luminous] The first text bubble that appears over Luminous's head after the Black Mage fight in the tutorial is reversed
  • The Night Lord skill “Showdown - Spread” has an incorrect icon.

If you are experiencing an issue that is not on this list, please report it here!

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