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Prizes selling out: Hair Color (Reg) and more! Marvel Machine Winner's Update - 7/20

Views 35341   Date 7/20/2012

The Marvel Machine only has a limited number of each prize available - Phantom is only so generous, you know! If there is a prize you really want, you should play the Marvel Machine before that prize is GONE!

These prizes have run out as of July 20:

Hair Color (Reg)SOLD OUT!
Helium BalloonSOLD OUT!
Tenacious Royal PauldronSOLD OUT!
Scroll for Armor for INT 50%SOLD OUT!
Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon for MAGIC ATT 50%SOLD OUT!

Just to get you an idea of how many prizes have been given out so far for some well-sought items:

Updated July 20:

1 Million Maple Points 9 winners
Surprise Style Box (100) 9 winners
Halphas Bloody Jester 40 winners
Raven Horn Crimson Cane 44 winners
Timeless Persona 152 winners
Dark Angelic Blessing 52 winners
White Angelic Blessing Recipe 18 winners
Lucky Royal Pauldron 147 winners
Falcon Wing Sentinel Suit 115 winners
Gachapon (50) 119 winners
Scroll for Cane ATT 60% 223 winners
Potential Lock 3,218 winners

Wow, talk about lucky! Hurry to win your prizes before they are all gone! We’ll be updating this post often with new winner counts and sold out items, so check back often to see what items are still available.

Click here to read more about the prizes and how to play the Marvel Machine.

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