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Prizes are selling out: Angelic Blessing and more! Update 6/29

Views 95611   Date 6/26/2012

Some prizes in the Marvel Machine have already run out as of today! :(

Angelic BlessingSOLD OUT!
Booster PackSOLD OUT!
Legendary Maple Silver Ring (Lv 30)SOLD OUT!
Legendary Maple Gage (Lv 50)SOLD OUT!
Legendary Maple Leaf (Lv 30)SOLD OUT!
Legendary Maple Commemorative Hat (Lv 50)SOLD OUT!

If there was a prize you really want, we suggest you play the Marvel Machine before that prize is GONE!

Just to get you an idea of how many prizes have been given out so far for some well-sought items:

Updated June 28:

1 Million Maple Points 5 winners
Gachapon (50) 427 winners
Surprise Style Box (100) 212 winners
Pink Bean Pet (Permanent) 367 winners
Lionheart Fuscina 119 winners
Dark Angelic Blessing 84 winners
Surprise Style Box (30) 376 winners
Dragon Tail Mage Cape 121 winners
Ipos Bloody Dual Bowguns 203 winners
2 hour 3x EXP Coupon 1,914 winners

Wow, talk about lucky! Hurry to claim your prizes before they are all gone! We’ll be updating this post every day with new winner counts and sold out items, so check back often to see what items are still available.

Click here to read more about what prizes are available and how to play Marvel Machine.

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