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v.137 - Unleashed Update Highlights

Views 2818498   Date 6/14/2013
MapleStory Unleashed
  • Break free and soar to new heights in the Unleashed update! There's a higher level cap, new areas for adventure, updated regions to explore, and more!

    Increased: Max Level, Max Damage, Max HP, Max Mesos

    The level cap has been raised from 200 to 250! The means jobs and characters that were previously capped at 200 can now climb even higher! To aid your climb to the top, we've also increased the maximum damage limit from 999,999 to 50,000,000 and the health point cap from 99,999 to 500,000. The meso cap has been increased as well, allowing you to build a bigger nest egg.

  • New: Level 3 Link Skills

    Along with the higher level cap, several characters' link skills will now go up to level 3 when they reach level 210. This includes the link skills for Cannoneers, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, the Demon Slayer, Mihile, Kaiser, and Angelic Buster.

  • New: Twilight Perion

    Journey to Twilight Perion, a new area in the Gate to the Future. Monsters range from Lv.190 - 200. In addition to regular maps with swollen stumps, pillaging boars, and sinister masks, there are four party play maps filled with ancient golems for you and your friends to battle!

  • New: Spirit Valley

    Stop by Monster Park to challenge the Spirit Valley Dungeon, open to characters Lv.200 - 209. Monsters range from Lv.201 - 209.

  • New: Twisted Aqua Road

    Investigate the strange happenings of the Twisted Aqua Road theme dungeon. Monsters range from Lv.200 - 210.

  • New: Alien Visitor

    Help Dr. Bing uncover the secrets of a crashed spaceship in the new Alien Visitor party quest. Visitor enemies are level 209.

  • New: Fantasy Theme World

    Romp around Fantasy Theme World in Ludibrium, the latest in the Fantasy brand theme parks. Earn a new medal and win a new helmet to spruce up your character! Monsters range from Lv.125 - 140.

  • New: Cooking with Tangyoon

    Help Tangyoon prepare delicious dishes in exchange for EXP and new equipment! This party quest is for characters Lv.60 - 90; the monsters and EXP scale to your level.

  • Revamped: User Interface

    Several parts of the UI have been remodeled, including updated designs for the equipment, item, and skill inventories, the character stat menu, the world map, and the tooltips for skills and items. The new appraisal system allows you to reveal the secret stats of equipment with hidden Potential, and the item enhancement menu automatically sorts your equipment upgrade items and allows you to combine scrolls to create a random new one. You'll now also be able to hide your quest and event notifiers on the left side of the game window, and the Monster Life button window will disappear after your farm reaches Lv.2, at which point you can access your farm through your Game Menu.

  • Revamped: Malaysia and Singapore

    Several quests and all of the monster levels have been updated to have better gameplay flow. New quests involving Captain Latanica and Krexel have been added which allow you to obtain the new Ghost Ship Exorcist badge and the new Krexel Pauldron. Region maps have also been added to assist you in navigating these areas.Monsters in Malaysia now range from Lv.131 - 150. Monsters in Singapore now range from Lv.145 - 170.

  • Updated: Masteria Monsters

    The levels of most monsters in Masteria outside of the Prendergast Mansion have been updated to allow for smoother gameplay throughout the region. Monsters outside of the haunted house now range from Lv.100 - 120.

  • Updated: Special Victoria Island bosses

    If you previously out-leveled your chance to fight Andras, Marbas, Amdusias, Valefor, Crocell, or Astaroth, we've removed the level cap to fight them, as well as for the quests to get the job –specific hats associated with the first five.

  • Back from hiatus: Sharenian Guild Party Quest

    The Sharenian Guild PQ was closed before the guild system was updated because it was designed to function with the old guild system. After making some modifications to ensure it doesn't conflict with the current guild system, we've brought it back with the same gameplay, as you requested.

  • Event: Unleashed Coin Shop

    Gale and Spark restocked after closing their Tempest shops and have returned with an assortment of wares, including new Unleashed set equipment!

  • ...and more!

    All of this and more will arrive on June 19! Stay tuned for the update notes to get more details.

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