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v.138 - Unleashed: Xenon Update Highlights

Views 214488   Date 6/28/2013
MapleStory Unleashed
  • For years, the twisted scientist, Gelimer, sought the perfect subject for his experiments. Using his misguided notion of the scientific method, he would combine human and machine to create the ultimate weapon. But a fitting subject proved to be quite elusive... One day, he stumbled upon a small boy living in Edelstein who possessed all the required attributes, so he stole the boy and began his research. He toiled and toiled and turned the boy into a mechanical masterpiece named Xenon. He even went as far as to erase the boy's memory!
    But history has a way of coming back to bite you.

  • Playing as Xenon, you'll break free from Gelimer's control and build a new life in the outside world. You'll be able to assist the Resistance with dazzling and powerful cybernetic skills, wielding a unique whip blade and having access to both mana and a special Supply Surplus energy source.

  • Xenon is MapleStory's first hybrid character, able to equip both Thief and Pirate equipment and having three main stats: Strength, Dexterity, and Luck. To add to his customizability, some of his skills can be changed based on his unique Modal Shift technique. Modal Shift allows each of these skills to be used in three different ways!

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