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v.139 - Unleashed: Demon Avenger Update Highlights

Views 175847   Date 7/17/2013
Unleashed: Demon Avenger
  • Fate can change people in an instant, and now you can too! When you create a Demon character, you'll now have the power to choose between the Demon Slayer and the new Demon Avenger class. Avenge those who have fallen in the fight against the Black Mage with the Demon Avenger's unique, HP-based skill system, and learn the true meaning of sacrifice.

  • Would you do anything in your power to thwart the Black Mage, even if it meant sacrificing your own health? The Demon Avenger fights with a new HP-based skill system, channeling vitality into every strike! Coupled with Exceed skills, which gain speed, range, and power as the Demon Avenger continuously attacks, this new system allows for escalating damage that will have followers of the Black Mage running for their lives!

  • Don the Demon Avenger's Desparado and Force Shield and prepare to experience MapleStory like never before!

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