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v.151 - Rising Heroes: Echoes of Darkness Update Highlights

Views 149492   Date 7/1/2014

    On July 9, say hello to Shade, Maple World's forgotten hero. Read on to learn all about MapleStory's newest playable character.

    Many centuries past, the sinister Black Mage left doom and destruction wherever he went. Only six brave heroes dared oppose him, including Shade, but the valiant efforts of these brave souls were not enough to defeat the Black Mage. With no options remaining, the Six Heroes sought to seal the Black Mage with powerful magic. However, a sacrifice was required to activate the seals. Shade volunteered and saved the world, but at a great cost: now the very memory of him has been forgotten.

    Today, Shade has been reborn in Fox Point Village, a distant land located in Grandis. Thanks to the kindness of the Pointy-Ear Foxes that live there, this forgotten hero has been brought back to the world of the living. This reawakening is bittersweet though, as Shade must come to terms with this new world, and the fact that most of his friends have been lost to time, just as he was.

    Shade's main stat is Strength, and he uses Knuckles as his primary weapon – perfect for quick attacks. Shade can summon spirits to perform various attacks. Use the power of the spirits to aid you in battle! With Ground Pound, you can summon a nature spirit to punch the ground and damage multiple enemies. Using Spirit Claw will bring forth a wind spirit that can claw at enemies and pull them toward you in a fierce attack.

    Take control of Shade and rewrite history!

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