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v.95 Birth of the Mechanic Notes

Views 245577   Date 1/14/2011

v.95, Birth of the Mechanic Update Notes

New Content

The highly anticipated Mechanic Class is available! Now you can have your very own mech to smash foes with.

-     To create a Mechanic, you will need to create a Resistance character

-     Once you have completed all of the required tutorial quests, and reached level 10. Follow the instructions from Headmaster Ferdi to become a Mechanic.

-     Resistance characters created before the patch who have completed all of the required tutorial quests, reached level 10, and haven’t made the first job advancement will also have the option to become a Mechanic.

-     Mechanics do not share their Cash Inventory with other characters.


New Events

-      Gachapon Corsage [01.19 – 02.18]
Collect the Forsythia Corsage, Azalea Corsage, and Clover Corsage medals from Gachapon and you can exchange them through Gaga from a Spring Flower Corsage medal and a Spring Flower Corsage Chair.  All of these items are tradable.

-      Chinese New Year [01.26 – 02.08]
Collect Red Envelopes from monster drops and turn them in to Mr. Moneybags to receive a random amount of mesos.  After turning in five Red Envelopes, you can receive a free 30 day version of a Hanbok Cash Item. Characters that get married during this event receive ten Red Envelopes.

-      Valentine’s Day [02.09 – 02.22]
Collect White and Dark Chocolate ETC items from monster drops to turn in to Ace of Hearts and Coco for rewards, and collect Cupid’s Lost Arrows from monster drops to turn in to Cassandra for rewards.  During the event, monsters also drop White and Dark Chocolate USE items, which can temporarily raise certain stats.

-      Mardi Gras [03.02 – 03.15]
Collect Bead Necklaces from monster drops and turn them in to Gaga for a feather, then turn feathers in to Gaga to receive a Mardi Gras mask. The quests are repeatable once per hour.



New Cash Shop Items

-       New items – Pilot Cap, Pilot Suit, Pilot Boots

-       For more information on Cash Shop Items, click here.

Bug Fixes/Changes

-     Donald is an NPC that will be used for specific, official communications from Nexon.  He is in most towns.

-     Spindle is now in Omega Sector.

-     The previous system of entering your birthday when gifting items and purchasing certain items has been replaced with entering your PIC.

-     Resistance characters should now be able to get and complete the quests to receive Episode I job boss hats.

-     All skin coupons have been consolidated. You can use one coupon for any city.

-     Mel Nomie will now accept skin care coupons.

-     Cycling past the Fierce Edge face while speaking with Kelvin in the CBD no longer crashes the game.

-     Clicking the Location button in the quest log for Lisa’s Special medicine II no longer crashes the game.

-     The text for the treasure interface and adding items have been translated.

-     The pillar is clearly indicated for the Aran quest, “Catch the Shadow Knight!”

-     Resistance characters can now receive a scroll when completing the King Pepe's Scroll quest.  

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