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v.99 - Chaos: Age of Battle Update Notes

Views 281213   Date 7/19/2011

v.99 - Chaos: Age of Battle Update Notes

New Content

Battle Mode

  • Requirement: Lv.30 or higher
  • Battle Mode takes place through Battle Square. Talk to Maximus to get there. He is in most towns.
  • Talk to Crawson in Battle Square to compete in Battle Mode.
  • Fight fellow Maplers in Battle Mode to earn EXP, Battle Points, and bragging rights.
  • Battle Mode is all Player vs. Player combat, in which you directly attack other Maplers during a battle - a brand new experience for MapleStory!
  • In Battle Mode, game rules, stats, and skills are modified to create a more fair playing field.
    * Fame cannot be altered while in Battle Square.
  • The Character Info window cannot be opened while in Battle Mode.
  • There are four tiers of competition based your character's level.



Skills Permitted

Bonuses from Potential Items?


30 - 69

Up to 3rd job for Dual Blade, 5th job for Evan, 2nd job for all others



70 and above

Up to 3rd + job for Dual Blades, 8th job for Evan, 3rd job for all others



120 and above

All Skills



180 and above

All Skills


  • There are two modes available:
    Free-For-All: Everyone battles each other, with unlimited lives during the battle. Time Limit: 10 minutes - Minimum Players: 4, Maximum Players: 8
    Team Match: Two groups battle each other, with unlimited lives during the battle. Time Limit: 10 minutes - Minimum Players: 6, Maximum Players: 12
  • You cannot enter Free-For-All while in a party.

Battle Mode Gameplay
  • Battles begin after the minimum number of participants has entered the map.
  • To leave a battle map before a battle is over, click the Leave Room button that is located where the Cash Shop button normally is at the bottom of the screen.
  • There are objects that may help or harm you in some of the battle maps.
  • Different effects will appear depending on the damage.
  • When your HP reaches 0, you will revive in the safe area and start the battle again after three seconds.
  • You are restricted from using regular potions and other items in your inventory while in battle maps.
    * Unique items regularly spawn in battle
  • Picking them up immediately uses them. There are lots of different items; most help you, but some can hinder you.
  • Be careful of the Random Boxes, with the question marks on them. They can temporarily double the scores you earn, grant invincibility, transform you into a monster, or lower your HP or MP.

Champion and Rage
  • Periodically, the system will name the first place character as [The Champion].
  • A star will appear on top of the character's head if chosen. If he can survive for a minute, he can get extra EXP and points.
  • Players who defeat the champion in less than one minute can get extra EXP and points.
  • Upon the fifth revival of the Champion, he will get a Rage buff that raises ATT and DEF for two minutes.

Battle Mode Rewards
  • Score points by defeating your opponents. Higher scores will give more EXP and BP (Battle Points).
  • BP can be traded in for Gallant Emblems through the BP Exchanger in Battle Square.
  • Gallant Emblems can be used to purchase various items from Larson in Battle Square, including various accessories, Mystery Scrolls (using one gives you a random scroll), and Mystery Recipes (using one gives you a random crafting recipe).
  • Gallant Emblems are also required ingredients for some crafting recipes.
  • Many of the items sold by Larson give bonus Battle Mode ATT.
  • Larson also sells basic arrows and crossbow arrows for mesos in case you're running low.
  • A character's Battle Mode rank is displayed next to "Rank" in the Character Info window.
  • You can check you Battle EXP and current Battle Points in your Character Stat window.

Updated Returning Content

Golden Temple: Equipment Explosion

  • 07.20.2011 - 08.09.2011
  • An all new Golden Temple experience is available. You can access the Golden Temple through the Dimensional Mirror, which is in most towns.
  • Golden Temple monsters now have a very high chance to drop Lv.35-64 Maple weapons and even Reverse and Timeless weapons!
  • Golden Temple monsters also have a chance to drop Musical Note Chairs.
  • All players will receive one free Golden Ticket per Cash Inventory on 07.20.2011. Go to the Cash Shop to get your free ticket.
  • While in the Golden Temple use the portals or talk to the NPC closest to a portal in order to open the menu to select a mini dungeon.
  • Players Lv.70 and above can enter the mirrored side of the temple, which has more powerful monsters than the regular side.
  • Use the yellow ring portal near Somchai to moved between the regular and mirrored sides of the temple.
  • You must have a Premium Golden Ticket to enter a mini dungeon. Premium Golden Tickets can be obtained by purchasing Golden Temple Invitations in the Cash Shop.
  • The inititial quests for the Golden Temple have been removed. The monster hunting quests still remain.
  • Golden Temple monsters grant enhanced EXP when defeated, as always.
    * You can collect Sunbursts from Goblins in the Golden Temple.
  • If you collect five Sunbursts, you can enter the waiting room to fight Ravana, the boss monster of the Golden Temple.
  • Sunbursts expire after a limited amount of time.
  • You must have at least two people in your party to fight Ravana. Each party member needs five Sunbursts to enter the waiting room.
  • Ravana has a chance to drop the rare Ravana Helmet. STR/DEX/INT/LUK +18, MaxHP/MP +60, Weapon/Magic DEF +100, ACC/AVOID +10, Speed +5, Jump +2. Required Lv: 70


  • The amount of fame you can acquire has been increased from -30,000-30,000 to -99,999-99,999. Your Charm EXP and even level can be increased or decreased based on your Fame.

New Events

Nova New World Events

  • 07.20.2011 - 08.19.2011
  • The Nova world is now open for brave adventurers and intrepid explorers. New world events for Nova settlers include:
  • Pioneers of Nova: Accept the quest from Cassandra, reach at least Lv.70, then talk to her again to complete the quest. Reward: Nova Bandana - Lv.70, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +18, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +180, ACC/AVOID +25, untradeable
  • Teo's Nostalgic Reminiscing I: Accept this quest from Teo in Lith Harbor. Complete it and earn 100,000 mesos.
  • Teo's Nostalgic Reminiscing II: Accept this quest from Teo in Lith Harbor. Complete it and earn 200,000 mesos.

Battle Mode Boom Up Event

  • 07.20.2011 - 08.16.2011
  • Requirements: Lv.30 or higher and 2nd job advancement completed
  • Battle Points earned from 11:00 AM through 6:00 PM Pacific will be multiplied by 1.5.

Battle Mode Support Event

  • 07.20.2011 - 08.16.2011
  • Requirements: Lv.30 or higher and 2nd job advancement completed
  • Complete a series of Battle Mode-related quests to earn prizes. Speak to Rosette in Battle Square to begin.
  • Honor of your class: After completing the Battle Mode...Begin! quest, accept a quest from the appropriate NPC for your class. Explorers - Dances with Balrog / Dual Blades - Lady Syl / Cygnus Knights - Neinheart / Resistance - Claudine / Aran - Lilin / Evan - Mir
  • Prizes include Gallant Emblems, a temporary ring, pendant, belt, and shoulder accessory, and a random permanent version of one of the accessories.

Learn about other events already in progress by clicking here.

Cash Shop Update

  • Miracle Cube Super Sale: You can buy one Miracle Cube for 20% off, or a bundle of eleven for 30% off.  These Miracle Cubes expire after seven days.
  • Gachapon Super Sale: Gachapon Tickets and Remote Gachapon Tickets are on sale for half of their regular price. These 50% off tickets expire after seven days.
  • Golden Temple Invitations are on sale in stacks of 1, 11, or 35 in the Event tab. Double-click one in in your item inventory to receive a Premium Golden Ticket, which allows you to enter Golden Temple mini dungeons an unlimited number of times for one hour.
  • A 90 day version of the Fish equip for the Persian Cat pet is available in the Pet Equip. section of the Pet tab.
  • Canned Food for the Persian Cat pet is available in stacks of 1 or 11 in the Pet "Use" section of the Pet tab

Gachapon Update

  • 07.20.2011 - 08.09.2011
  • All Gachapon locations
  • The new Locker Chair is available.
  • The new Bubble Bath Chair is available.

Learn about other limited time Gachapon items that are still available by clicking here.

Known Issues

  • The description for the Energy Drink - Mobstar is misphrased. Each Mobstar can only be used once. If you can obtain multiple Mobstars, there is no restriction on how many you can use in a day, unlike most Fatigue potions.
  • The Master Alchemist quest shows an incorrect date in the In progress and Completed tabs of the quest log.
  • The Pink Spring Jacket’s name is missing.
  • You will be in CBD in Singapore after exiting the Free Market if you entered from The Nautilus.
  • The issue with sitting on the Cake Chair will have to be resolved in a future patch, currently scheduled for 08.10.2011.
  • The issue of Law Officer mount not being available in the skill inventory will have to be resolved in a future patch, currently scheduled for 08.10.2011.
    * The Bubble Bath Chair is mislabeled as “Bobble Bath Chair.”
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