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Download MapleStory Jubilation Now!

Views 155563   Date 4/25/2011
Why wait to download the new patch?  Download NOW and avoid waiting on Tuesday.

The Manual Patch is only available to players who already have the latest version 0.96 installed.  So if you have an older version of MapleStory, you will have to wait until launch to update the game.

To manual patch please follow these instructions.

1. Download the Manual Patch here
2. WAIT!  Do not proceed until the Jubilation update begins and the game servers are down.
3. Copy the Manual Patch files into your MapleStory folder, typically C:\Nexon\MapleStory
4. Once the Jubilation update completes and the game servers are back MapleStory!

Please note if you copy the manual patch files into your MapleStory folder before the Jubilation update begins, you will not be able to start the game.  Once the files are copied, MapleStory will only start after the Jubilation update is complete.

Are you ready to download the latest MapleStory update?

-- The Maple Team --        
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